Regardless of the reason why you need tail light tint removal, it’s better to trust this process to specialists that know exactly how to do the job. This way you don’t risk scratching or damaging the tail lights. From this article you will learn everything you need to know about tail light tint removal and will be able to choose the right options for your vehicle.

Why get tail light tint removal?

There are various scenarios why this tail light tint removal might be necessary, for example:

  • The old tint is scratched or damaged
  • The old tint has faded
  • The car was bought from another state with different tinting laws
  • You want to replace the film with a different color or shade
  • You simply want to get back to the original design of the car with no tail light tinting film

Can you remove tint from tail lights?

Yes, any type of tinting film can be removed, not just that on the tail lights. The process is fairly simple for someone with experience, and usually, the only needed tool is a heat gun.

Benefits of professional tail light tint removal

By getting the job done at a professional service such as Tinting Chicago, you will benefit from:

  • Quick and cost-effective procedure
  • No cracks or damage to the tail lights
  • No glue residue left behind
  • Immediate application of a new film if that’s what you want

Visit Tinting Chicago for tail light tint removal

If you are looking for tail light tinting removal services in Chicago we are here to help, but we also provide a wide variety of other services. We can apply tinting films to car windows, taillights and headlights, as well as paint protection films and wraps. You can find us at 3621 N Harlem Ave. and 2720 W Grand Ave. in Chicago, IL or at 1402 N Rand Rd in Palatine, IL, or call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to remove tail light tint?

When done by a professional that has the needed tools and experience, the process can take about 20 minutes, sometimes even less. This depends on how well the tint is coming off and if glue residue is left behind or not.

Can I do taillight tint removal at home?

Theoretically you can remove the tint at home, but you need a heat gun and a lot of patience. The film should be taken off in one piece and really slowly, otherwise it would break into tiny pieces, making the removal even more difficult. You also need to be careful to not leave any glue behind, and if that happens, to remove it with professional solutions.

Can I make my red tail lights clear?

No, unfortunately this is not legal in the state of Illinois. The law states that the brake lights should emit a red light.


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