A full car wrap is the process of covering the entire surface of your car with a vinyl film. The main purpose here is to change the appearance of the vehicle, and the possibilities are endless, with thousands of colors and models to choose from. But the wrapping film also protects the original car’s paint from scratches, corrosion and color fading.

People have been customizing and personalizing their cars for as long as these exist, and one of the latest and coolest ways to do this is through vinyl wrapping. A full car wrap can truly change its appearance, without having to do a repaint and also preserving the original paint. Keep on reading to learn more and get your ride wrapped by a professional in Chicago.

The benefits of full car wrapping

Car painting is done manually and if you want a certain design you need to have an artist do it. But wraps are designed on a computer, so the possibilities are infinite for colors and graphics. Vinyl wrapping is also a good idea for leased cars, as you are normally not allowed to alter the original paint. Other benefits include:

  • Visual appeal
  • Endless customization options
  • Good for marketing purposes and business exposure
  • Ease of application and removal
  • Protection against scratches and road debris damage
  • Protection against corrosion and fading
  • Resistance to water, dirt, grease, mild acids, or oil
  • Longer life for the original paint, protection against discoloration caused by UV rays
  • Maintaining a high resale value of the car

Types of full car wraps

Depending on the visual appearance, we have:

  • Glossy films
  • Matte finishes
  • Chrome films
  • Metallic films
  • Carbon fiber wraps

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a full car wrap cost?

The price for wrapping your entire vehicle depends on its type and size. The larger or more exotic the car, the more expensive the process will be. Wrapping a full sedan or coupe costs around $3,200, while wrapping a full SUV, wagon, or pickup costs around $3,800. Extra hours of work may be needed in the case of certain vehicles, and they are charged at $100 per hour.

Can I apply the wrap myself?

While you can do a small wrap on the hood or fenders yourself, wrapping the full vehicle is a very complex process that requires a lot of attention and multiple hours of work. You need the right tools including a heat gun, and also the right environmental temperature for the wrap to stick perfectly and last for a long time. That’s why it’s better to get the help of a professional, and Tinting Chicago is here for you.

Where can I get a full vehicle wrap in Chicago?

You can find us at 3621 N Harlem Ave and 2720 W Grand Ave, or 1402 N Rand Rd Palatine, or just call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493. Our team of experienced technicians is ready to assist you with all of your wrapping or tinting needs, for all types of vehicles. We are using top-quality wraps from brands like 3M and Avery Dennison, and they all come with a warranty of 2 years.


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