Decorative Window Film

Due to its visual and decorative properties, glass has been widely used since old times. Throughout its history, plenty of techniques emerged that have changed the main qualities of this material. At the end of the 20th century, the industrial progress had moved glass to a new level. Since then, it is hard to imagine a modern office, a shop or an airport without glass structures which are used not only as construction material, but as decorative features as well.

The modern construction and design industries offer a wide range of options to decorate glass structures and glazing. One of the most widely spread ways to personalize window panes is to use decorative glass films. This is a quick and affordable method available for Chicago IL buyers which demands little proficiency to install.

The modern market offers a wide range of decorative glass film types. Plenty of effects are available for customers in order to meet every particular demand. Today you can choose between etched, frosted, stained, and other decorative effects. Each of the options comes with multiple designs and patterns.

Frosted decorative glass films was mainly designed to provide privacy or get rid of unwanted looks. It is widely used in all types of buildings and is probably the most popular in the market today. You may choose not only the colors or thicknesses, but also the grade of transparency. You can make the objects behind the decorative glass look vague, not visible or partially translucent.

If privacy is not your only goal and your interior design is also important, you may choose between varieties of etched glass window films. Normally, the etched effect is created by cutting patterns out of the frosted film. Numerous intricate designs are able to create any atmosphere for your interior. This is a quick and reliable way to add individuality and make your home look exclusive.

Stained glass window films provide a more advanced level of interior design. While using these films, not only do the patterns matter, but also the colors. Quite often designers want to replicate a vintage ambiance and style with the help of stained window film installations. Chicago IL customers cannot but feel how energetic the room atmosphere becomes when the stained glass is applied.

All the types of decorative window films are valued not only because of their design potential. Apart from introducing freshness and individuality to the interior, you also get practical benefits due to the films’ physical features and characteristics. You should not forget that most of the modern decorative films provide a high level of UV protection, reduce heat loss or gain, and reinforce the window panes thus making them more safe and secure. As a result you can protect your interior fabrics from fading, improve your home micro-climate conditions, and save on energy costs. Finally, you can also get more privacy and avoid unwanted sights.

One of important benefits of decorative films is that they perfectly suit DIY installations. Even for non-professionals, provided they follow the instructions, decorative privacy window film installations may be an easy task. In addition, most of the films are easily taken down and do not spoil the surface of the glass.


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