Get Decorative Window Film & Customize the Design of Any Glass Surface

The decorative window film’s main property is to customize the design of the space where it is applied onto plain glass surfaces. It is an affordable alternative to real decorative glass which can be quite pricey. The choice of patterns and textures offered by the manufacturers is limitless — so you can basically get any style you want.

Besides the decorative properties, this window film creates a UV, heat, and glare protective layer on your windows and doors, making the house more cool, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

Plus, these tints have properties of the privacy window films, making the inside of your house invisible from the outside. The natural light, however, comes in freely, allowing naturally refracted brightness.

Sounds appealing? Feeling like you are ready to upgrade your home design in no time? Give us a call at 773-455-0467, 312-212-0493, or 773-714-8100  for a free consultation on the types of decorative films that will suit your home the best.

Types of decorative window films

One of the best things about decorative films application is the variety of choices. You can install a beautiful art-deco pattern on your front door, enhance the design of your patio with a floral ornament, or protect the privacy of your home office by coating its window with a frosted film. We will list some ideas of decorative film application a little bit later in this article, but now let’s see what kinds are available out there in the market today.

Stained glass film

This type of tint effectively imitates real stained glass, providing a multitude of patterns to choose from. If we start listing them all, we will run out of space and won’t be able to tell you other interesting stuff about the decorative window film. A geometrical, a classy, an elegant floral print, a beautiful mosaic, or just a plain colored pattern… You name a few! You can always pop into one of our Tinting Chicago shops and have a look at our samples collection or book an appointment for an on-site estimate.

Frosted window film

This decorative tint can be also called a “privacy window film” (of a “sand privacy film”) for its properties. Vinyl cling creates privacy, being applied to the exterior part of the window, it is able to block unsightly views. Frosted window films have an opaque surface and are widely used in residential and commercial spaces — not only on glass windows and glass doors but also on the decorative walls, bathroom enclosures, protective screens, etc. A frosted window film allows naturally refracted light in, creating a comfortable atmosphere inside. It is a perfect alternative to expensive frosted glass.

One way window film, or a mirror film

Can be used both for privacy protection or in order to customize the design of any space. Basically, this window film acts as a mirror: applied on a plain glass surface from the inside, it creates a mirror surface on the outside, making it impossible to sneak peek into your home. But it can also act as a perfect decorative film, for example, in the creation of a lovely subdued line design.

Textured decorative film

The name speaks for itself: these decorative films have a textured surface that provides an authentic textured tone of light to come into your premises. Application of this tint is times cheaper than real textured glass, and one of the key benefits — is that it is easily removable. So you can change the vibe of your space as often as you want. This window film is only semi-private: it would not completely block the picture but will blur it, making only silhouettes visible from the outside (or from the other room).

Gradient glass window film

This tint can become a beautiful detail of any interior: its color gradually fades from one end to the other. Besides the creation of an interesting accent, it establishes privacy, blocks unwanted views, reduces glare, heat and blocks harmful UV rays.

6 key benefits of decorative window films

  1. Stylish appeal & an alluring touch to any interior or exterior
  2. Easy application for any indoor or outdoor space
  3. Blocking unwanted views from the outside
  4. Filtering light entering from the outside
  5. Ability to add privacy where needed
  6. Strong protective properties that allow to reduce glare, block UV rays and radiation

A few application ideas

This type of window film can be applied to glass surfaces inside or outside of your house:

  • Interior and exterior windows
  • Interior and exterior doors (front door)
  • Decorative walls
  • Privacy screens, shower doors, bathroom enclosures
  • Furniture surfaces: tabletops, cabinets, counters
  • Patios, attics, greenhouses, gazebos
  • Balcony, veranda railings
  • Attic windows
  • Panoramic windows and walls

Decorative films, divided into 3 ways of application

Even when offering an installation service from professionals, it is good to know the specific qualities of a product that you are about to get for your home. Here at Tinting Chicago, we work only with the premium design window film from the leading manufacturers. And their films have 3 main ways to be applied on the glass surface:

Static cling window film

All you need to do when applying is simply peel the film from its base. But we do not recommend DIY (especially in this case): the static electricity will attract a lot of dust and dirt, and it would be very hard to attain a perfectly smooth surface. When we install the films, we use special equipment and chemical solutions to make sure the space is sparkling clean.

Adhesive, or stick window film

One side of these tints is sticky — and is applied to glass windows as any decals do. In this case, the place also has to be spotless: dust and moisture-free.

Non-adhesive window film

Special gluing solutions are used in the process of this film application. As in the two latter cases, we recommend entrusting this job to professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

Do decorative films create privacy?

Yes, they do. While some of the decorative films can block the visibility completely (one-way mirror film), the others (stained glass window film, frosted glass window film) are called semi-private as they only blur the picture but do not completely block the view.

Do decorative films protect from UV?

Yes, they do. This type of window film creates a protective shield on the glass surface, effectively blocking (up to 99%) harmful UV rays, (up to 89%) radiation, (up to 54%) heat. They allow natural light in but protect your property from the unwanted effects caused by the sun, including glare.

How to install a decorative window film?

We recommend trusting this job to professionals. For the decorative film to look really pretty, it has to be applied properly: without bubbles, wrinkles, or dust "caught in". Here at Tinting Chicago, we work only with top-quality films from the leading manufacturers. They provide from 5 to 10 years guarantee for their products. Plus, we provide 5 to 10 years warranties for the quality of our work. Give us a call today at 773-455-0467, 312-212-0493, or 773-714-8100 for a free estimate!


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