Auto Window Tinting Options

Auto Window Tinting Options

Tinting the windows of your car is a very wise decision. This will not only help you protect the upholstery from fading and save some fuel by keeping the heat out of the vehicle. Blocking the harmful UV rays will also protect your health by reducing the risk of skin cancer. The importance and efficiency of this particular benefit is so high that people with certain medical conditions are exempt from the tinting laws and can install films that are much darker and provide better protection than it’s usually allowed.

The laws of your state are one of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing between the available car window tinting options. This should be the first thing you research as this will determine some of the characteristics of the film that you will need. There is a great variety of automotive tinting films available on the market, so picking the best one will be difficult. Apart from the legal regulations, the considerations you will need to take into account are:

  • Tint film type
  • Cost
  • Film shade
  • Brand

Another important consideration is whether to install the tint on your own or entrust this task to a professional. This task may not seem very difficult, but hiring a specialized car tinting service is definitely the best option in this case.

Installation techniques affect the quality of the tint to the point where one mistake can ruin expensive film. Therefore, the vast majority of manufacturers offer their warranties only if the installation is performed by licensed specialists. If you decide to go with the DIY option, you should look for films designed for this particular purpose.

Our service can install any film perfectly and quickly. We guarantee the quality of the results and our specialists will help you pick the type of tinting that meets your needs best.

The type of film is the cost-defining factor, so you’ll need to consider it first. Car window tinting options you can choose from are:

  • Dyed car window tint film.
    This is the most affordable option among different types of car window tint. However, being the least expensive doesn’t mean that it’s bad. In fact, many people choose it over more advanced films because it gives the vehicle a very nice look. Dyed films are the darkest and they don’t interfere with electronic gadgets and radio signals. They are less efficient than reflective metallic options, but provide good protection against heat and fading.
  • Metalized car window tint film.
    These films contain a metallic layer, which means that they reflect the sunlight. This gives your car a stylish look, though some people dislike the shine. This type of film provides great protection from UV rays, heat, and glare. However, the metalized layer can interfere with radio signals and prevent electronic gadgets from working properly.
  • Hybrid car window tint film.
    This type combines the strengths of both the dyed and metallic films, without their weaknesses. However, it does have a small influence on electronic devices. In general, these films are a great choice as they provide excellent protection and are extremely durable.
  • Ceramic car window tint film.
    This type is considered the most advanced and efficient at the moment. These films are the most expensive, but there is no arguing the fact that they are highly efficient. These are premium-quality products that will not disappoint you. They need to be installed by professionals and usually come with a lifetime warranty that can be transferred to the new owner of the vehicle should you decide to sell it in the future.

In Conclusion

The variety of car window tinting options might make it hard to choose the best one for you. Therefore, you should take some time to research this mater thoroughly. Contact us and our specialists will help you understand what is available to you and consider all the factors to make the decision you won’t regret.

Don’t let the cost of the service be the deciding factor for you as quality is everything in the case of car window tinting. If money is an issue, we offer discounts and financing options.


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