Mirror Tint

Mirror Tint #0750

Mirror tint will make your car look stylish and reflect up to 90% of harmful UV rays.
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Tint Film


Tint film protects you, your passengers, and the insides of your car from UV rays.
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Check out the prices for tinting installation, replacement, and removal services.
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Custom Window Tinting #0737

Take a look at tint percentages and pick the perfect option for your car.
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Custom tinting is a perfect option for a unique and striking appearance of your car.
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Red Window Tint #1046

Red tint makes looks special and provides UV protection to you and your passengers.
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Black Window Tint #1062

Black window tinting film will provide absolute privacy and absorb sunlight.
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Blue Window Tint #0740

Blue tinting can give your car a distinctive look and protect upholstery from fading.
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Bronze Tint #1025

Bronze tint will make your car stand out and protect you from the danger of UV rays.
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Carbon Window Tint

Carbon tint is color-stable and offers great protection from heat and UV radiation.
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Pink Window Tint #0776

Pink tint is perfect to make a car stand out and protect the upholstery from fading.
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Ceramic Car Tint

Ceramic tint provides the best protection from light, heat, UV and IR rays.
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Clear Window Tint #1008

Clear car tint provides you with invisible protection from sun radiation.
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Give your car a truly stylish look installing gold automotive window tint.
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Green Window Tint

Green tint turns reflects UV rays and helps keep the inside of your car cool.
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white car window tint

Install white car tint for a really cool look and protection from sun radiation.
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Ceramic Car Tint

Ceramic tint provides the best protection from light, heat, UV and IR rays.
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Green Window Tint

Green tint turns reflects UV rays and helps keep the inside of your car cool.
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Silver Window Tint #1106

Silver tint will make your car look stylish as well as protect you from UV rays.
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Polarized Window Tint

Polarized tint blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays and protects your eyes from sun glare.
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Truck Window Tint #0411

Make your truck look and feel cool with a truck tint film that will reflect heat.
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Clear Window Tint #1008

Clear car tint provides you with invisible protection from sun radiation.
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Auto Tinting #0546

We offer efficient and quick tint removal and guarantee there will be no scratches.
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Check out the tinting options we offer and choose the perfect one for you.
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Auto window film

Take a look at our huge selection of tinting films of different colors and materials.
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Limo Tinting #0763

Get all the privacy and protection you need with the extra-dark limo window tint.
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Auto Tinting: Transform the Look of Your Vehicle and Protect it From Damage

The process of window tinting involves applying a thin film onto car window glass to darken or color it. Window tinting creates a unique look for your car and also provides a layer of privacy when on the road. However, there are many other practical benefits of installing window tint film on your vehicle.

Benefits of сar window tinting

There are multiple reasons aside from aesthetics that drivers opt to put window tint on their cars.

For example, window tinting makes your driving safer and more comfortable by reducing the glare, so you can see clearly while you are on the road.

Window tint also provides protection from UV rays — prolonged exposure to which is harmful to humans and can cause a car interior to fade.

Auto tinting can also help save gas and keep your vehicle cool by reducing the amount of solar energy that enters the car — thus reducing the need for air conditioning. For this reason, auto tinting is popular in warm places or for drivers that often leave their cars parked in direct sunlight.

Window tinting can also make your car more secure and less prone to theft. This is because the darkened tint makes it more difficult for would-be thieves to see if there are valuables in the car. If someone does try to break in, window film can slow them down by presenting an additional barrier to get through.

A wide range of window tint solutions

These days, drivers that want to tint their windows have a vast array of options to choose from. For starters, window films come in a variety of materials — each of which offers different properties, advantages, and drawbacks.

Some materials offer better durability and performance in terms of blocking light but cost significantly more. On the other hand, some of the most basic cheap tints can fade with age. No one solution will be the best for everyone — it really depends on the priorities. Tinting Chicago uses only top-quality films from the best manufacturers — 3M and Rayno. They provide a lifetime warranty against fading and we provide our warranties for the quality of the work and 100% bubble-free surfaces.

Window films also come in different colors and shades of darkness stated in terms of Variable Light Transmission (VLT). VLT indicates the amount of light that can pass through a window.

Legal auto tinting regulations in different states

On that note, when choosing a window tint, it is important to remember that each state has different laws that regulate the level of VLT that can be used in tint for various windows on a car. These laws are intended to ensure that drivers can see other vehicles better when on the road — for example, being able to see through other cars to what is beyond. These rules are also designed to ensure that law enforcement officers can see what is going on inside as they approach a vehicle. In most states, the usual VLT allowance stays at the level of 50%. But for example in California, you need to keep a luminous transmittance at a level of 70%, which means that you can tint your windows only 30%.

The other parameter that you can meet in local regulations — the tint can’t increase the reflectivity of front and rear vehicle windows.

Our team can advise you on this issue so that your window tint gives the look and performance you desire while ensuring compliance with relevant laws.

Tinting Chicago stocks a wide range of quality window films made by 3M and Rayno. Explore our site to find out more about particular options available. Our specialists can also guide you through the various choices to ensure you get the right tint for your vehicle.

The value of a professional tint installation

Choosing the right car tinting film for your vehicle is crucial. You also need to make sure that the film is installed correctly, so you can enjoy the full benefits it.

All too often, DIY window tinting leads to substandard results. Even tiny imperfections such as allowing small bubbles to form or a tiny piece of debris on the glass can make the window tint look like a botched job and impact the performance of the film.

To ensure a top-class tint job, the best option is to use a professional window tinting service. At Tinting Chicago, our qualified specialists can help you choose the right window tint film for your needs and install it on your car to the very highest standards. Typically, the job can be finished in a couple of hours so it won’t be long before you can get back on the road.

What’s more, our window tinting service comes quality assured, so you can give your car a new look and enjoy a safer, more comfortable drive — all with the peace of mind of a two-year warranty.

Is car window tinting a good idea?

Yes! Tinting windows in your car does not only serve aesthetic purposes but also plays a significant role in protecting you and your passengers from harmful UV rays and glare. As a result — you are more concentrated and safe on the road.

What are the key benefits of auto tinting?

Creation of a stylish and unique look of your car
Adjusting the shade of the windows to the color of the vehicle
Protection of the car from harmful UVA and UVB rays
Protection of car windows from mechanical and chemical damage
Heat rejection (even if the car is parked in the direct sun)
Fuel economy based on reducing the amount of solar energy entering the car, therefore, the need of air conditioning
Protection of the car seats and interior in general from fading
Window reinforcement (in case of accident a tinted window glass is unlikely to shatter)
Extra safety (the valuables inside of the car are not visible from the outside) and privacy.

What are the best window films for cars?

The car window tinting industry is presented by hundreds of types of films. That’s why referring to professionals is important: they know which window tinting films don’t fade, don’t peel, can be both comfortably installed or removed — and protect you and your vehicle in the best possible way.

Throughout the years of work we’ve tried multiple solutions and, by testing the films’ performances, have narrowed our preferences down to just two brands — 3M and Rayno. The technology that they use for top models is quite striking — for example, the world’s first carbon ceramic film Rayno S9 has nano-scaled carbon particles that provide color stability (while not compromising the visual clarity) and nano-encapsulated ceramic particles for durability and heat rejection.

How much is to tint my car windows?

Here at Tinting Chicago prices for the whole сar window tinting, excluding the windshield, starts from $219. The cost can be higher for labor intensive jobs, tint installation for rare vehicles etc. Windshield tinting is illegal in the US — but there are exemptions such as invisible films that provide 70% to 90% UV rejection. Tinting windshield this way on a sedan would cost from $149.

What is the darkest legal tint?

Each state has its own car window tinting legal regulations. Illinois, where we are based, is quite representative: it allows 35`% tinting for the whole vehicle without a windshield — and a 5% tinted maximum 6-inch strip on a windshield. Two front windows can be tinted with 50% or more and you can install film of any darkness to the back window.

Can auto tint be removed?

Yes, in 99% cases. We can remove most of the window tints with the help of the steamer and mild chemical solutions. It mostly depends on the quality of the old film: if it was high, it would come off easily. That’s why it is so important to insall quality auto tinting films in the first place.

How long does auto tinting last?

It depends on the kind of the film. Top brands like 3M and Rayno that we work with provide life-time guarantee against bubbling, fading, color change. The same with the quality of our work: Tinting Chicago provides life-time labor guarantees. The only thing that these warranties don’t cover is the mechanical damage.

How long does it take to tint my vehicle?

Usually the whole process takes 1,5-2 hours for a sedan or an SUV. Rare or “difficult” models like Volkswagen Beetle, Chevrolet Corvette or pretty much all Porsches can take up to 4 hours and more.

Do I need to wait to roll my windows down after you tint them?

Yes. It is highly recommended to wait as the film is very fresh and needs some time. Before rolling your windows down after they’ve been tinted, wait for about 3 days in summer and 7 days in winter.

Can my new window film be matched to the factory film on my car?

We will do our best to manage the darkness difference up to 4%, but we cannot 100% match the color of the film. The reason for it — unique shades and color schemes that each manufacturer uses. But usually the difference with the factory color that we provide to our customers is almost invisible.

Do I have to come to your shop for my auto tinting?

Yes. Window tinting is a meticulous process that involves working with sticky and glossy surfaces. Therefore, the environment, where it has to be done, must be dust-free and properly lit. And Tinting Chicago has just the perfect space for this.

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