Car Wrap Colors at Tinting Chicago: More Choice at Affordable Prices

Vinyl wrap is a thin durable PVC film that’s applied to your vehicle to change the color or finish of the paintwork. Different wrap colors enable you to transform the look of your vehicle for a fraction of the price of a new custom paint job.  Change your mind about the color of the film later down the track?  Not a problem, vehicle wraps are easily removed without damaging the paintwork, reverting your vehicle to its original look.

Professional installers offer a huge range of vinyl film shades. Always fancied having a yellow car? It’s possible and best of all the transformation can be achieved in just one day! Vehicle wraps are applied to the surface of any vehicle with any paintwork finish. Vinyl film series comes in many different finishes, meaning customers can choose from matte,  gloss, satin, and even metallic.

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7 Benefits of Wrapping Your Vehicle

  1. Change the color
  2. Upgrade the look
  3. Change the paint finish
  4. Protect original paintwork
  5. Maintain the resale value
  6. More affordable than a new paint job
  7. Fast installation

Vinyl wrap colors

The best brands of vehicle wraps, 3M, and Avery Dennison offer a huge range of shades and colors. The hardest part will be selecting your preference from the color charts you’re presented with.  You may want to accent certain parts of the car, for example, the mirrors, hood or door handles with a specific color.  Alternatively, quality vinyl wraps can help cover up specific areas of damage.

3M and Avery Dennison color film series are designed to mirror the range of factory finishes available when you purchase a new car today.

Vinyl film textures and finishes

  • Chrome finish
  • High gloss finish
  • Satin finish
  • Metallic finish
  • Matte finish
  • Carbon fiber finish

Caring for car wrap colors

Once wrapped, your car requires no specific maintenance. It’s important however to ensure you look after the vinyl in the following ways:

  • Hand wash only
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or cloths
  • Remove dirt and grease as quickly as possible
  • Wipe with a lint-free soft cloth

Partial versus a full-color wrap

If you are looking to transform the appearance of your car from one color to another then of course you’ll need to install a full vinyl film.  This will cover every part of the vehicle’s bodywork, including the side mirrors, bumpers, and fenders.

For customers just looking to personalize their car with color accents, then a partial wrap is advisable. You could select a color or finish, such as carbon fiber to make certain parts of the car stand out. There’s no reason you can’t use different colors and finishes on different sections of your car for a fun, vibrant look.

Cost of color wrapping your car

To fully wrap an average-sized sedan car, you should budget from $3,200, an SUV — $3,800.  Remember, this is an upfront cost that lasts for at least 5 years with no maintenance required.  The exact cost of a car wrap is dependent on the following:

  • Brand of vinyl
  • Area of the car covered
  • Skill of installer
  • Intricacy of wrap

What color wrap should I choose?

It depends of course on the look you want to achieve.  If you’d like to give your car a high-end, luxury look, then you might like to go for gold, silver, black, or a carbon fiber finish. If on the other hand, you’re looking to achieve a calm, stable feel for your car, opt for a light blue or white.  If your priority is making a bold statement, consider making your car a standout yellow, red or orange color.

Installation time for vinyl wraps

When installed by professionals, the process is surprisingly quick. Whether you’re having a partial wrap or a full wrap, the application process can be achieved in a day. The following factors determine the exact timeframe of an installation:

  • Size of car
  • Area of wrapped
  • Size and shape of graphics
  • Brand of vinyl used

Should I install a vinyl film myself?

A complete novice shouldn’t install a full wrap on a car.  Professional installers receive hours of training before they’re able to achieve a wrap with a flawless appearance. Vinyl film is an expensive material, particularly if you select one of the high-end finishes, such as carbon fiber. Correctly installed vinyl film lasts for between 5 and 7 years, so why not have the peace of mind that your film has been installed in a well-lit, dust-free workshop by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

Advantages of wrapping rather than respraying a car

  • More affordable
  • Faster installation
  • Doesn’t chip or flake
  • Paintwork protection
  • Maintains the resale value
  • Easily removable
  • Can add texture to paintwork

Durability of vinyl wraps

When installed correctly and properly cared for, quality brands of vinyl, such as Avery Dennison and 3M last for between 5 and 7 years. At Tinting Chicago, when we wrap vehicles, we offer a 2-year warranty for both labour and materials used.

Custom designed graphics

Instead of installing a block color wrap on your car, you may opt for a custom design instead.  This can include lettering and logos if you are planning to promote a business, or it might just be a unique, eye-catching design to complement your taste and personality.

At Tinting Chicago, we have an experienced in-house design team on hand to create a custom design to your exact specifications. They have years of experience creating the perfect design for customers.

Vinyl Wrap Warranties

Avery Dennison and 3M wraps come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Plus at Tinting Chicago, you’ll receive a 2-year warranty to cover the installation of the film.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do car wrap colors fade in the sun?

No, vinyl wraps are designed with technology to filter UV rays from the sun so don't fade in the sun. It's a good idea however to park your car in the shade whenever possible to minimize UV exposure. You can expect high-quality vinyl wraps to last up to 7 years without fading before it needs to be replaced.

Can vinyl wraps be removed without leaving a sticky residue?

Vinyl wraps are removed with heat, usually from a heat gun. Warming up the wrap softens the adhesive and helps you peel off the vinyl in one piece. If any residue is left behind, it can be removed using an alcohol spray and a soft cloth.

Do vinyl wraps adhere to other surfaces than just paintwork?

Vinyl wraps adhere to any non-porous smooth surface. They can be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces of cars, so long as they are totally clean and dust-free on application.

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