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When we are at home, we want to be able to see the world around us and be connected with nature and our external environment. At the same time, most homeowners don’t really want strangers staring at our family dinner… That’s where window tint comes in. House owners in Chicago choose to work with us for many reasons. We have 12 years of experience, we provide soli guarantees, we offer only the best industry solutions and quality brands! Call us for a free estimate today.

7 benefits of residential window tinting

Home window tinting has many benefits once you’ve arranged yourself the best window film installation. Here are just a few:

1. Enhanced privacy

The main reason people use window film is that layer of extra privacy. The right kind of tint will prevent people from the outside sneaking inside your house, allowing you to rest your eyes on your beautiful garden or spend cozy time with your loved ones. However, tinting can do much more than be just a privacy protector.

For extra privacy we advise you to choose the 3M Night Vision series, Suntek Dual Reflective DS or SunTek Symphony DS series.

2. Reduce sunlight intensity

Another advantage of home window tint film is that it allows you to significantly reduce the intensity of the sunlight that comes through your windows. With the help of tint you can effectively control the amount of natural light in your home, make it cooler and much more comfortable.

Reduce eye discomfort and create a cool atmosphere helps 3M Sun Control Neutral series and SunTek Infinity DS series.

3. UV protection and heat control

Solar rays can be harmful both for people and the interior. All of us are aware of the danger of UV radiation, which is a risk factor of developing skin cancer. But UV-rays and heat also can fade furniture colors and damage electronics and other valuable items of yours. Tinting provides reliable protection from harmful UV rays for both people and belongings inside your home.

To increase comfort and savings we advise you to choose the 3M Ceramic or Suntek Ultra Vision DS series, these films provide improved solar heat and UV protection, don’t block the view and have an elegant, barely visible appearance.

4. Improve safety

In case your house window brakes, shattered glass is not only hard to collect — but it can be dangerous for pets, kids and everybody else. Window tint films with special protection properties reduce the risk of injury due to flying glass as the film helps to hold the broken glass in place in the frame rather than it being shattered into pieces.

To enhance safety and security you can choose 3M or SunTek Safety series films.

5. Create a unique atmosphere

Tinted windows with mirrored, colored, or decorative effects can give your home a unique, stylish look — both from the inside and outside. For example, sunlight shining through a brown tint can fill a room with golden tones. Alternatively, different colored decorative window films can be used to create an effect that looks like a real stained-glass window, it can have a frosted effect — and many others.

One of the best brands of decorative window films is SOLYX. Tinting Chicago offers these window films in a wide range of colors and patterns.

6. Increase energy efficiency

Tint film helps to keep your interior spaces cool in hot weather, reducing the need for air conditioning and so helping you to save energy and money spent on energy bills. And in winter, window film provides an insulating layer that helps to keep warmth inside, allowing you to save energy and reduce your heating bills. These insulating properties make residential window film one of the most effective green energy-saving technologies you can apply to your home.

7. Reduce glare

Don’t you hate it when you are trying to work or watch TV but are distracted by annoying reflections on your monitor or TV screen? The good news is, window film provides a way to prevent unwanted glare from bright light in the daytime.

The best films for reducing glare are the 3M Sun Control Neutral series and SunTek Infinity DS series.

2 pro tips for choosing home window tinting

  • If you have a room with north-facing windows that tends to be a bit dark in the daytime, applying window tint can make the space a bit gloomy. To avoid this, it is often better to choose a light shade window tint for the north side of your home.
  • If some of your windows have an unusual shape, it wouldn’t be an unsolving problem to tint it, just can take more time and afford for installers.

Types of home window tinting films

Metalized window tinting

Metalized film can reflect different wavelengths from the spectrum of sunlight. It is largely the range of wavelengths the film reflects that determines its properties. Nowadays, there are more and more multifunctional window films on the market that can serve a number of functions — such as reflecting the sun’s rays, retaining warmth, providing privacy, and giving windows a unique aesthetic appeal.

Sun control window film

This type of tint is designed to protect the inside of your home from overheating and to reduce the intensity of excess natural light. Many people think of window sunscreen as being simply a colored coating designed to darken a room. However, dope-dyed polyester can also be used for other purposes such as changing the appearance of a window. For example, the 3M Sun Control Window Film Ceramic Series rejects up to 80% of the sun’s heat.

Mirror home window tinting film

True mirror films do not impair visibility in interior spaces. Tinting windows with mirror film can help to protect from the sun and also enhances privacy. Many mirror films also have heat-saving and protective properties.

Polymer coatings can be made to imitate a conventional mirror, bronze mirror, or to create a colored reflective surface with a glossy effect.

There are also different types of mirror films:

  • Reflective — these films have a mirror surface and make interior rooms darker.
  • Athermal — infrared solar heat films and block ultraviolet light but do not make a room darker.
  • Multifunctional — these films prevent overheating in summer and help to retain heat in winter.

At night, when lights are turned on inside, mirror coatings lose their effectiveness and become transparent from the outside. This is something to consider if you are choosing window tinting for the first floors.

Security window film

Any polymer coating stuck to a glass window with adhesive will make the window more impact-resistant. Specially designed protective film can even withstand the effects of natural disasters or be bulletproof. To ensure a higher level of security, these window films are typically made from a multilayer polyester at least 110 microns thick.

For example, the 3M Safety & Security Window Film series helps protect people from flying glass shards, one of the most common causes of blast-related injuries and fatalities.

Decorative home window tinting film

Decorative tinting film is installed on windows to enhance the overall look of your home. They are typically made from dyed polyester which reduces the amount of visible light transmitted through the glass. When choosing a color, keep in mind that decorative films have different degrees of transparency. Tinting Chicago decorative films bestseller is SOLYX window films.

The future of home window tint

One major trend in the market for window tint film is to strive for multifunctionality. More and more films are designed to serve a number of functions and it is likely that in the future, most window tints will be engineered not only for sun control and home improvement but also to be bulletproof and highly energy-efficient.

Tinting Chicago guarantees a professional installation and offers a solid warranty on all home window tinting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is home window tinting worth it?

Yes. Home window tinting has a lot of benefits: it reduces energy costs, protects the interior from heat, ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation, as well as provides security and an extra layer of privacy. Call us for a consultation or a free onsite-estimate: we will offer an optimal solution for your home.

What happens to house plants when windows are tinted?

Some of our customers worry that houseplants may suffer from the lack of light if placed in rooms with tinted windows. Indeed, sun-loving southern species may want a bit more sunlight. But most houseplants soon adapt to the new light conditions.

How much does home window tinting cost?

The average price for home window tinting at Tinting Chicago is $6-7 per sq. ft for regular kinds of window tint. For UV protection and solar films — $7-8 / 1 sq. ft, for security types — $8-9 per sq. ft. The final price depends on the shape and size of the windows, but you can get a free estimate right now, just give us a call. Our phone numbers are 773-455-0467, 312-212-0493, and 773-714-8100, feel free to ask any questions.


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