Ceramic tinting is a premium service that our company offers for homeowners. An ultra-thin film, covered with microscopic nano ceramic particles, is being applied to the windows. Invisible to the naked eye, it provides the ultimate protection from the sun: blocks 99% of UV and UVB rays, 80% of infrared light, and up to 59% of heat. This is the top window tint technology on the market today. By choosing it, you’re choosing the real protection from the sun damage for your family.

Even if your house stands in direct sunlight, with windows tinted with ceramic coating, it remains cool and comfortable. Your interior doesn’t fade, and the sun glare and heat don’t interfere with your daily life — you can watch TV in the daytime and let your kids play in the living room at the peak of sunny hours. But what is more important — you know, that the health of your close ones is protected.

Invest in your wellbeing, give a call to Tinting Chicago at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 to make an appointment for the ceramic window film installation.

9 main benefits of ceramic tint

  1. Protection from UV and UVB rays up to 99% (no disturbing sun inside your house)
  2. Reduction of infrared light up to 80% (therefore, much less heat)
  3. Heat resistance up to 59% (keeps your house really cool)
  4. Significant reduction of the sun glare inside the house (ceramic tint is non-reflective, makes it easy to work on the computer, watch TV, play games during the daytime)
  5. Protection of the interior from fading (furniture, wallpaper, wood)
  6. Reduction of energy bills (less use of air-conditioning)
  7. Scratch resistance (durable and adds a layer of protection to your windows)
  8. No interference with the Wi Fi, radio reception, or electronic devices signals (no more dropped calls, like with metallic tint)
  9. Prevents untimely aging and skin cancer (almost zero UV rays get inside of your house).

How does ceramic window tint work?

Nano ceramic particles that cover the surface of the film act like an invisible shield that rejects infrared heat and UV rays. As opposed to metallic or dyed window tint, this film is absolutely transparent. It doesn’t interfere with the visual transmittance of natural light, making the interior darker. And, it also doesn’t produce any electronic signal interference.

By reducing the exposure of your interior to heat, glare, and UV light, ceramic tint offers the ultimate protection and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

What will increase the benefits of ceramic window tinting?

As perfect as ceramic window films sound, they cannot always be the ultimate solution for heat and UV rejection. To get the perfect results, you must have a well-insulated house. The more modern it is — the better. Gaps in the walls, old materials, thin walls, old tint roof — all of these and many other factors would stand in the way of the wonderful performance of ceramic window tint. If the walls and the roof of your house get overheated during the day, none of the films could help.

Sounds like your case? Consider making these 6 steps that will increase the heat resistance of your house:

  1. Insulate the roof (there is a technology called the “Cool roof”, check it out)
  2. Insulate the walls of your house
  3. Install water sprayers on the perimeter of the roof
  4. Design the proper shading around your house
  5. Check if your air conditioning is working properly
  6. Install extra fans to cool the rooms down.

Best brands of ceramic window tint

There are many brands that use nano ceramic technology, but we definitely know that we can trust only a few of them. Window tinting, as simple as it sounds, is a super delicate job and it is connected with the protection of our clients’ wellbeing. Incorrectly chosen and installed window film can be dangerous: by making the space visually darker, it won’t block UV rays and radiation as needed, literally becoming a risk factor for your health.

Throughout 12 years of experience Tinting Chicago team have tested dozens of window tints, and today we have chosen only 3 brands that we work with — Suntek, 3M and SOLYX. Suntek and SOLYX are of a mid-price range and 3M is the most expensive and technologically advanced on the market.

Ceramic window tint, produced by these 3 brands, offers exceptional heat rejection, UV protection, infrared rays blockage, is super durable and scratch resistant. By installing it, you get a much cooler house, perfect visibility from the windows, no irritating glare and long-lasting furnishings.

Not sure which of these 3 brands to choose? Give us a call and our specialists will explain everything in detail!

Where to install nano ceramic tint in my house?

If you followed our advice — and your house is properly sealed, insulated and air-conditioned, then it makes total sense to add extra budget on ceramic window tinting. We recommend to install the film in all main areas of the house and outdoor buildings, that are prone to sun exposure:

  • Living room
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Home office
  • Patio
  • Verandas
  • Balconies
  • Outdoor spa
  • Treehouses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use ceramic tint on your house windows?

Yes, sure! But the professional installers will be using a kind of ceramic window tint, specially manufactured for houses. The way your home windows are exposed to sun and heat is a bit different than that of your car's — so manufacturers produce different films for automotive or residential use.

What brand of ceramic tint to choose?

Here at Tinting Chicago we work only with the top brands of the industry. Your home windows will be protected by Suntek, 3M or SOLYX films — one of the best examples of nano ceramic technology that exist on the market today. Tinted windows will efficiently block heat, provide glare rejection and block 99% of harmful UV rays.

How much does ceramic window film cost?

The final price would totally depend on the amount of work. Give us a call at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 for a free estimate. The usual pricing for ceramic window films is $5-10 per sq. foot.

Is ceramic window tinting better?

Yes, it is. It is considered the most technologically advanced of all modern tints. The film's surface is covered by nano particles that offer an ultimate protection from UV rays and infrared heat. Not interfering with a natural light transmission, this film makes the interior cool, free from sun glare and protects your close ones from the dangers of the sun (premature aging, skin cancer).


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