Hood Protection Film

Buying a car is quite a big investment. No matter whether you buy a brand new or used vehicle, you always wish to keep it in good shape and have it protected against all possible damages. While most car manufacturers have switched to water-based paints, the issue of paint protection has become vital. In order to be environmentally friendly, the manufacturers now use paints which are quite soft and can be easily damaged when exposed to harmful elements on the road.

Car protection film installations have proved to be an effective means of preventing your vehicle from premature ageing. A few manufacturers already install protection films on the parts of their vehicles most exposed to wear. The film works as a bumper between the paint and the damaging factors, such as water, rocks, and UV rays.

Paint protection can be installed on any surface of your car. This thin, invisible film does not change the color or the design of your vehicle. As a rule, the hood is one of the parts of your car most exposed to wear. It will start showing some slight wear signs even when your car is still comparatively new. It constantly goes up against flying gravel, salt, and bug acids which ruin the painted surface. That’s why we carry a wide selection of hood protection films as well as professional installation services for our Chicago clients.

Benefits of Hood Protection

  • Prevents damage from salt, bugs, road debris, stones, etc.
  • Helps to maintain your vehicle’s resale value.
  • Invisible and undetectable film does not change your vehicle color and appearance.
  • No special treatment required.
  • Easily applied due to the self-adhesive layer.
  • Removable films do no harm to your original paintwork.
  • Incredible warranty against peeling or bubbling.
  • UV protection helps to keep your natural colors from fading.

How to Apply the Hood Protection Film

Most of the hood protection films are DIY. However, if this is your first application experience, we strongly recommend contacting our car hood protection film installation service in Chicago, IL in order to get the necessary support and instruction tips. Note: Once the film is installed incorrectly the warranty may be void.

Normally, to install the hood protection film you’ll need a sharp razor knife, a heat gun, and a squeegee. These are the basic tools needed for a successful application. Additionally, we recommend having working gloves, duct tape, and some magnets which will help you with positioning the film on your hood. It is absolutely vital to provide a dust-free area and the required temperature inside of it.

The installation starts with cutting a piece which is bigger than your hood’s actual size. When this is done, the film is placed onto the surface so you can trim out the shape of your hood. Use the duct tape and the magnets to fasten the film to the hood while you do it. When you’ve got the right shape, start taking down the backing and begin applying the film to the surface. At this stage, use the heat gun to go around tight places and apply your squeegee to push out the bubbles. The leftovers are to be cut off with the razor knife after you’ve finished with the application.

For more details visit us at our car hood protection film installation service in Chicago, IL. We are always ready to supply useful tips and instructions as well as to provide a team of professionals to perform any type of installation. Protect your hood in the best possible way with our top quality products. In fact, applying film is the only reliable way to do it. Unlike waxing, sealing or paint coating, the film installation really works!


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