A gradient window film is a special kind of decorative tint that you can install on your home windows. The color, pattern, or opacity is changing gradually — colors merge, creating a wonderful visual effect. Give a call to Tinting Chicago to find out the estimate and time of installation for your house.

The benefits of decorative window films

With a gradient film you can:

  • Improve design — create unique patterns and models, express yourself, improve the look of a room and create a special mood;
  • Add privacy — you can cover a window or a glass surface fully, or just partially, depending on your needs;
  • Protect yourself from unwanted outside attention — whether you have an unpleasant outdoor view or you want to hide some items in a room, you can do this with the help of decorative window film, without sacrificing sunlight;
  • Create unique design — we are talking here about the appearance of textured or etched glass, without the hassle and the costs of actually replacing the glass. All films can be customized to any width or height, to fit any home or office surface;
  • Filter the light — with the help of a gradient window film, you can soften the light that is too bright and direct, creating a more pleasant and eye-friendly environment;
  • Upgrade the interior fast — decorative window film is easy to apply and remove, which means that you can always switch to a new design in case you get bored with the old one.

Types of gradient window film

Depending on the feature that is slowly graduating from one end to another, we can have multiple types of films. These are:

  • Films with graduating opacity
  • Films with graduating color
  • Films with graduating patterns
  • Mixed films

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see through gradient window film?

This depends on the pattern, the color, the opacity, and the light transmission level. You may get a film where you can’t see through the lower side but you can see through the upper one (or the other way around).

Who makes the best gradient films?

No one can precisely name the best brand in the world, but based on our own experience and customer feedback, these brands are among the best: 3M, Solyx, and Suntek. All of them are available in our offer.

How to get gradient window films applied in Chicago?

Our company is here to assist you with all of your tinting needs, whether they are for home, offices, or cars. We have a multitude of models to choose from, with various patterns, colors, and light transmission levels. An expert will come to your place and do everything for you. You can find us at 3621 N Harlem Ave and 2720 W Grand Ave, or call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.


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