Glass Door And Window Films

In our post-industrial world, steel and glass have become fundamental materials in construction. One can hardly imagine modern construction without glass installations. Just look around. Present-day architecture abounds in glass of various types and structures. The overwhelming diversity of glass makes up the appearance of any modern city, including Chicago, IL. One can hardly imagine a modern shopping mall or an office building without its massive glass panes letting natural light inside, thus adding brightness and elegance to the inner space.

Due to its versatility, glass is now being applied in the construction industry as an isolation, structural item, and an internal and external glazing material. It is used to create fenestrations on facades as well as conventional windows. With the help of continuously developing technologies, glass is constantly achieving new features which help to improve its natural disadvantages, such as fragility or thermal conductivity.

One of the newest solutions improving the natural characteristics of glass is the usage of window films. The latter have proved their effectiveness by making glass structures stronger, more energy efficient, and safe. A glass door window film makes windows resist harsh weather conditions as well as maintain its structure even when broken or seriously damaged. This secures a wide field of window film application.

Here, in Chicago IL, we offer two main types of a glass door security film. You can choose either a clear film, which is practically invisible, or solar type, which provides higher level of privacy and solar control. Each of the options is used at various circumstances. Our skilled staff is ready to come up with helpful tips to help you choose the film you need.

Generally, if you want to secure your windows without attracting too much attention, or if you simply want to let in as much natural light as possible, you should probably stick to the transparent type. By doing this, you do not change the appearance of your doors or windows, so they keep their prior look, while in fact, the window becomes shatter-proof.

The solar type adds a higher privacy and solar control. In this case, you apply a tinted film made of polyester and metal layers. Normally, these films are available in multiple colors which may help to make your interior more individualistic and stylish. The solar control feature helps to avoid UV rays and prevent furniture from fading as well as keep unwanted heat out.

Grades of Safety Glass

All safety glass offered in Chicago, IL as well as films applied on them, must be labeled. This works as an indicator showing the grade of safety glass and its type. Generally, a safety standard label must contain all the necessary information for users so that they can perform a window film home installation under proper conditions according to particular construction norms.

Normally, the reinforced glass is subdivided into toughened, laminated, wire-mesh, and engraved glass. In every case, the glass is improved in a different way due to physical or chemical factors. Depending on the type of film used for reinforcement, laminated glass can furthermore be subdivided into bullet-proof, wind or shatter-resistant, anti-glare, etc.


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