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Such a film will protect you against unwanted accidents caused by shattered glass but is also a deterrent for potential intruders. A strong film that is properly installed forces someone that tries to break in to spend more time and energy. This could make the intruder give up or could allow you extra seconds to call the police or take action.

A window can break for many reasons, whether we are talking about a burglar, an accident, a ball thrown by the kids playing outside, or just severe weather conditions. Instead of replacing the entire window with security glass, you can just apply a security window film over the existing one. Keep on reading to learn more and get yours applied by a professional.

Why would you need a security window film?

Accidents can happen all the time, whether that is a baseball hitting a window or someone walking into a door glass thinking that it’s opened. In both of these cases, the shattered glass can cause serious injuries, and that’s where a security window film can be lifesaving. It will hold the broken pieces together, and not allow them to fly all over the place and injure those around.

Besides all of the protection benefits, a security window film also offers protection against the dangerous UV rays of the sun. These can damage the human skin, but also the furniture and upholstery.

The benefits of security window film

To sum things up, here are the advantages you get by using a security film on your glass doors or windows:

  • Protection against intruders
  • Protection against accidents
  • Protection against damage caused by weather
  • Reduced insurance fees

Security film installation in Chicago

If you think that a protection film would be useful to you, we are here to help. Our experienced technicians will come over and analyze your home, and then come up with the best solution based on your desires. It’s better to have a specialist apply the film instead of applying it yourself, to avoid bubbles, wrinkles, or damage to the glass. Call us now and book your appointment!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a security film last?

A good film that was applied properly can last for at least 5 years or even more. This depends on various factors, such as the condition of the window, the position, the local climate, and more. Our films come with a lifetime warranty for peeling, bubbling, fading, or labor errors. So as long as you take good care of them, they can last for many years to come (if no unwanted accidents happen).

How thick the security window tint should be?

The recommended thickness for good protection is between 8 and 12 mm. All films will give you protection against shattered glass causing injuries, but the thicker the film, the better the protection against intruders.

Can you double layer window security film?

While practically you can add multiple layers of film, it is not recommended for many reasons. First of all, the film is made to stick to glass, and not to another film. This will make it come off faster and reduce its lifespan, but it will also affect the warranty of the first layer of film. Besides this, the appearance of the window will also be affected, making it look bad and unprofessional. What you can do is either get a thicker film from the start, or you can apply a layer on the interior and another on the exterior (but never on top of each other).

Can you remove security window film?

Yes. If for any reason you decide that you don’t need the security film anymore, this can definitely be removed. In some cases, it may come off very easily in one piece, but sometimes it may break into smaller pieces. Some glue residue may be left behind, but they can be removed with a razor blade and warm soapy water, or with a special diluting substance. So if you don’t want to scratch or damage your windows, better call a professional, whether you want to remove a film or apply a new one.


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