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UV radiation is dangerous, everyone knows this today. People apply sunscreen when they go outdoors in order to protect themselves from this radiation. However, your car also needs protection from the merciless rays. One of the tools you can use to reduce the damaging effects of UV radiation on your vehicle is tinting your car windows. High quality Chicago window tinting service that our specialists provide won’t affect the visibility, so you will be able to protect the insides of your vehicle without increasing the risk of an accident.

The most important benefits of tinting your car windows are:

  • Reducing the heat.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Preserving the upholstery.
  • Increased privacy.
  • Glare reduction.
  • Holding together the glass shattered in an accident.

As you can see, auto tint film is indeed a worthy investment that can protect both your vehicle and your health. However, many car owners have plenty of questions and doubts about tinting. We offer the answers to the most common of them:

  1. Will I be able to clean my tinted windows normally?
    You shouldn’t have any problems with cleaning tinted windows. It is advised to use an ammonia-free cleansing solution and a piece of microfiber cloth. Some kinds of films are ammonia-safe and won’t be damaged by this kind of detergents. Be sure to check this when you choose the film.
  2. Will my windows seem “cloudy” after the installation?
    If the procedure is performed properly, you will have 100% visibility after the auto tint is installed. In case you see any bubbles or “cloudiness” during the first few days, you shouldn’t worry as this is a perfectly normal occurrence. However, if the problem persists after a month, you should contact the service provider that installed the film.
  3. Will I be able to remove/replace window tint?
    Yes, you will be able to do both as auto film is not a permanent fixture. Doing this on your own will be extremely difficult, but you can always contact us and our specialists will help you with this problem.
  4. Will the film fade?
    This depends on the type of auto film you choose. There are some films available on the market that will not change color for many years, and some low-quality products that will fade in a few months. Consider this when choosing the film.
  5. Is window tint damaging to the rear defroster?
    No, it’s perfectly safe. You will be able to use the defroster right away and neither it, nor the film will suffer any damage.
  6. Is auto tint durable?
    High quality films are very durable. They are resistant to scratches and other kinds of damage and will last for years without losing their protective properties. Cheap low quality films, on the other hand, have much lower durability.

Auto Tint Film Types

One of the most important decisions you will have to make after you decide to tint your car windows is choosing which type of film to use. Be sure to do some quality research in order to understand all your options. If you pick the right kind of product, you are sure to be satisfied with your investment. You can always consult one of our specialists to get more information on this subject.

There are four main types of film available to you:

  1. Dyed auto tint film.
    This film has a layer of heat-absorbing dye, which enhances her heat reduction and temperature control properties.

    1. The main PROS of this type include it being non-reflective and dark. This looks quite nice and many people choose this film because of aesthetics. It is also highly efficient in blocking the glare from headlights and it prevents the insides of your vehicle from fading because of sunlight.
    2. The CONS of the dyed film include its limited efficiency in blocking heat (when compared to other types) and the fact that the dye will eventually fade from sunlight. Therefore, this film isn’t as long-lasting as other types.
  2. Metalized auto tint film.
    Metalized film consists of four layers. The first one is the adhesive that will bond the film to your window. The second is a layer specifically designed to block UV radiation. The third is a metalized layer that will reflect heat and darken the window. The fourth is a protective layer that makes the film scratch-resistant.

    1. Main PROS of metalized film are its high efficiency in blocking both heat and glare. In addition, it will not fade with time.
    2. The biggest CONS associated with this type of tint film are its ability to interfere with radio technology and its shiny appearance.
  3. Hybrid auto tint film.
    This film includes the strongest points of both dyed and metalized types. It consists of four layers: adhesive, dyed, metalized, and protective.

    1. The biggest PRO of this film is the fact that at the moment, it is the most efficient option for blocking UV rays and heat. It can effectively prevent your upholstery from fading due to its metallic layer, and it won’t fade itself.
    2. There aren’t many CONS to hybrid film. The biggest is its cost, but you should be prepared for that if you want to buy a high-quality product.
  4. Ceramic auto tint film.
    This type was developed recently, but it’s getting more popular by the day. It has three layers, adhesive, thin ceramic, and protective topcoat.

    1. The biggest PRO of ceramic film is its incredibly high UV and heat protection rate (it blocks more sunlight than hybrid film). As it doesn’t have a metallic layer, it doesn’t interfere with radio signals. It is also non-reflective and looks really good.
    2. The most important CON of ceramic film is its high cost. At the moment, it is the most expensive option on the market.

Is Auto Tinting Legal?

Choosing the shade of your tint film is very important as this will influence its efficiency. However, this isn’t the most important consideration that you will need to take into account as in some cases auto tinting can be illegal.

Every state has its own requirements towards car window tinting, so be sure to research the laws of your region. Don’t forget that your state laws may include sunscreen devices, such as plastic shades, into the “window tinting” regulations. If you don’t know where to start looking, we will provide you with all the necessary information.

Note that there are some exemptions to tint laws. People suffering from certain medical conditions (lupus, photosensitivity, melanoma, and sunlight allergy) can appeal to this clause to have their vehicles better protected against the UV radiation. Be sure to consult your doctor about this and take your medical documents with you when you drive an over-tinted vehicle.

Regardless of where you live, you must never tint your front windshield. The only protection that you can install on it is a thin strip of film at the very top.

Car Window Tint Installation: Professional or DIY?

Our company can provide you with top-quality services and install the tint film of your choosing in no time. However, many car owners attempt to install the film on their own. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to consider the fact that car window tint installation is a very delicate process. The efficiency of the film will be greatly affected by the quality of installation. You need to consider the risks before making this decision as it’s very easy to damage tint film during the installation process.

If you are determined to perform the procedure on your own, you will need:

  • Pre-cut film
  • Window cleaning solution
  • Utility knife
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Sponge

Take your time to watch some videos about DIY auto tinting and study several guides. There are plenty of these sources available online. You also need to remember that you should work on this project in a dust-free well-lit place that is neither too hot nor too cold. You need to be very careful as a single crease can ruin your work. Start with the smallest car windows and proceed slowly. As you aren’t a professional, you shouldn’t aim for speed. It’s better to be careful and thorough than make a mistake that you won’t be able to fix.

Your chances of applying auto tint film successfully will increase if you work with a partner, so ask a family member or friend for help. Be very careful not to leave your fingertips on the film as they will be impossible to remove.

Don’t pierce the bubbles if you see any. If you do everything right, they should disappear on their own when the film settles (this can take a few weeks). Piercing will damage the integrity of the film, so it will deteriorate faster.

Note that some manufacturers only offer a guarantee if the film is installed by a professional car window tinting service. All in all, if you want to invest in a quality product, you should entrust the task of installing it to the company that provides the best window tinting in Chicago. This way, you might be able to save money in the long run.


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