Tinting by Vehicle Type: Installation in Chicago in Just 1,5-2 hrs

Doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you drive, it definitely needs protection from harmful UV-rays, excessive annoying heat and dangerous sun-glare, which can cause accidents. In this article we will discuss tinting by vehicle type, it’s main functionality and range of prices for the different types of vehicle. Tinting Chicago offers fast, quality and cost-effective installation. Call us today for a free estimate!

While choosing tinting by vehicle type, consider these 7 benefits:

  1. It protects windows from scratches, road chips, wear, so you can actually save your money keeping your windows safe.
  2. During the accident (we can’t be sure that it won’t happen) the film kept the glass as one whole thing, not letting the debris hurt people.
  3. Protecting passengers from UV-rays, which can cause cancer and simply spoiling our skin.
  4. Creates a cool and comfortable atmosphere inside of the car, decreases the need of using air conditioning, and again, saves your money, as it provides low gas mileage.
  5. Protects the interior of the car and electronic devices from solar heat, UV and IR rays, which cause fading and wear.
  6. Allows you to customize the design of your car, making a unique and cool look. You can choose one of the types of the film which suits your vehicle better.
  7. Darker films block heat better and protect drivers from the sun glare so the driving will be much safer.

Tinting by Vehicle Type — features and prices

In professional services as Tinting Chicago uses the special technology of computer cuts, it allows the decoles for the windows to be made fast and precisely. That’s why it does not matter which model of car you have, you will spend not more than 2 hours to get your windows tint.

Speaking about state law, in the state of Illinois, the front 2 windows can be tinted up to 35% VLT, while the windshield is only allowed to be tinted with a 6 inch 5% sun-stripe. Rear window can have any darkness of tint. There are some exceptions for the limousine tint, we will discuss a bit later.

SUV and Wagon windows tint

This is usually a family type of car, that is why vehicle window tint is very important to protect kids from ultraviolet rays which can harm the soft skin. Tinting Chicago experts advise such car owners to tint all the windows. The starting price to tint a full vehicle of this type at Tinting Chicago is $360 (excluding the front windshield).

Sedan and coupe windows tint

In Tinting Chicago service for the full sedan or coupe the price of full car tinting (including front windshield) will range from $250 to $800. But there are some exceptions for the special cars, which demand more effort.

Limousine window tint

Usually limos come out from the plant with a tinting, but if some factory tints are damaged, Tinting Chicago will help you to change it for the new one. Usually it costs $70-100 for the side window.There are special tint laws for the limousine, which are allowed to be used for tinting extremely dark window tint with 5% visible light transmission (VLT) for the rear windows and back window. It is called “Limo tint”. For the driver’s cabin rules are the same as any other casual car.

Tinting by vehicle type: 3 top categories of films

To help you understand what is better for you, let’s check out the main categories of window films which you can choose for your car in Tinting Chicago shop:

Clear window tint

One of the most commonly used for car window tinting, provides basic protection from glare, radiation and UV-rays, but doesn’t make windows darker.

Carbon window tint

Beautiful matte finish dark film with a high level of glare reduction and heat/sun protection. Carbon film contains tiny charcoal particles which provide dark colore and makes the tint durable. It is also fade resistant, so you can be sure it doesn’t spoil with time.

Ceramic window tint

This type of car window tint — the newest on the market. It contains nano ceramic particles which do not block visible light but improve heat rejection and blocking UV radiation, also reduce sun glare and make film durable.

Hybrid window tints

This is a ceramic window tint which also includes charcoal particles. This is a 2-ply film based on nano-technology with a very high quality and the best specifications. It provides black color without losing clarity, at the same time giving advanced heat/UV protection, scratch resistance and strength.

All this type of film does not contain the metal particles and does not interfere with the work of cell phones and other electronic devices as a metallic film.

Carbon and ceramic automotive tint can have a different level of VLT (visible light transmission) from 5% (very dark film, using just in limousines) to 90% (one of the lightest options, which still provide sun and heat protection).

Attention! Before making a decision about window film, check out your state’s window tint laws. You can read our article about tint laws here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to tint windows?

For Tinting Chicago installers this job takes about 1,5-2 hrs for the casual car. It can take longer if your car is older than 15 years old, or has an unusual size or design. Coupe window tinting takes 30 to 40 minutes if only the two front side windows are tinted.

What is the cost of tinting windows?

It depends on the vehicle kind, the type of the tint you choose and the amount of the windows you are going to cover with film. The starting price to tint a full at Tinting Chicago is $250 (excluding the windshield).

What type of car tint is the best?

The best tint considering high-quality carbon and ceramic. Be aware that it is important to choose a window tint film from a reliable manufacturer and install it in certified service.

Where to install window tinting?

The quality of the application is important — so it is better to get it in professional service as Tinting Chicago. We have professional equipment, which allows bubble-free installation and offers a variety of choices for window tinting different colors and shades — for any type of vehicle. All our tints come with lifetime warranty. You can find us at 3621 N Harlem Ave. and 2720 W Grand Ave. in Chicago, IL or at 1402 N Rand Rd in Palatine, IL, or call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.


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