A security film is applied over a window in order to strengthen it. The film makes it more difficult for someone that wants to break in, but it can also be life-saving in situations of natural disasters — storms, tornados, floods, etc. If the window breaks, the film holds the glass shards together, preventing dangerous injuries. Keep on reading to learn more and get your safety window film applied by a professional.

Why would you need a security window film?

Home safety and security window films have the purpose of preventing or reducing the damage caused by:

  • Burglars — there is a burglary taking place in the United States every 18 seconds, so it would be foolish to think that your home is not at risk. Windows are the most vulnerable points of entry, so they definitely need some extra protection against break-ins. A home window safety and security film will make the glass much more difficult to break. So instead of breaking the window fast and stealing valuable goods quickly, the protection film will deter or slow down the thief. Some will give up after 2 or 3 hits seeing that the window won’t break, but even if that is not the case, you get more time to take action or call the authorities;
  • Accidents — whether we are talking about a baseball flying through the window or a bird hitting it, accidents can happen all the time. And they cause the broken glass to fly around causing serious injuries to those nearby. A security film will reduce the risk of injury by keeping the glass fragments in place.
  • Natural disasters — strong winds or tornados can definitely cause the home windows to break, and then the shards will turn into deadly weapons flying around at high speeds. And even if you don’t live in areas with tornadoes, there is always the risk of trees falling down during storms and hitting your windows, or some wind-borne debris flying around. Better be safe than sorry.

And besides all of the safety and security benefits, these window films will also protect your family and your furniture from the dangerous effects of UV rays.

Types of safety & security films

The main types of films used these days are:

The benefits of home window safety and security

By using security window films you will:

  • Be protected against intruders
  • Be protected against natural disasters
  • Be protected against accidents
  • Reduce insurance fees
  • Reduce UV rays, glare, and heat

The 3M films that we are using are made of polyester and paired with thick polyester for maximum protection. They are available in different thickness versions as well as with a sun control option. They have a lifetime residential warranty or 10 years commercial one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How thick should window security film be?

Obviously, the thicker the film, the better the protection. But the recommended thickness for optimum protection is between 8 and 12 mil.

Is the tinted window unbreakable?

The film does strengthen the windows indeed but does not make them unbreakable. In case you do want unbreakable windows, then a film is not enough and you would need a protection shield made of polycarbonate.

How long does a safety window film last?

In case of no incidents, the film can last for at least 5 years, sometimes even more. Our films have a lifetime warranty against bubbling or fading, but their life also depends on factors like the condition of the window, the local climate, and more.

How to get home window safety and security in Chicago?

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