Satin Wrap in Chicago: Luxurious Car Look for Competitive Price

Satin wrap — one of the most stylish outfits for your car. It gives a very impressive effect, similar to matte paint, but with a soft satin hue. Tinting Chicago offers good quality durable vehicle wraps at reasonable costs. Our team knows its job: your car will look like new (bubble-free car wrap guaranteed!).

Satin effect: subtle and elegant

Sain films used for car wrapping provide an impressive effect — a combination of matte and gloss finish that looks very subtle and elegant. As if the body of a car is covered with fine silk and its curves give a delicate sheen. 

Satin wrap looks great on:

  • Business class sedans
  • Sport cars
  • Luxury SUVs
  • Limousines

The body of a car, flawlessly covered with high-quality satin film, in combination with matte finishes on the moldings — will be a sign of your impeccable taste. You can endlessly experiment with combinations: satin wrap manifests itself in different ways, paired with different materials. And the result will impress everyone.

The quality of satin wrapping depends on the materials and the professionalism of the installers

Tinting Chicago offers car wrapping with satin PVC. We work only with original materials from world-renowned manufacturers 3M and Llumar. Not only they guarantee that expensive and noble satin effect: high-quality satin wrap has very high density which allows it to cover even unevenly painted vehicles.

Top manufacturers produce really durable films that allow very good protection of the vehicle’s surface.

Satin wrap — beautiful, but also strong and durable

Satin wraps used by the Tinting Chicago team have a long service life and retain their qualities for several years. The original paintwork of the car will be reliably protected from mechanical (scratches, dirt, stones), chemical (oils, salts), and radioactive (UV) exposures.

The durability is pretty impressive: the outdoor warranty that we provide for our work ranges from 3 to 6 years. 

Adhesives used at the back of the film are paintwork friendly and do no harm even when removed after years of use. Be sure, factory painted, your car will retain its looks!

Satin wrap colors offered by Tinting Chicago

The most popular satin wraps that you can get in Chicago today are black and white.

The black series looks super elegant. Satin black wrap is mostly used for the exterior. Sometimes car owners use the black satin automotive wrap as a background for their decals. In this case, satin black car wrap provides a great contrast, underlining the color and the vivid brightness of the other layers.

The satin pearl white wrap is a dual cast film similar to the black series, with perfect luxury appeal. Many of our customers realized that it is easier to maintain the white car clean in comparison to other colors, especially black. Try it — the dust is really not as visible on the satin white pearl wrap!

In Tinting Chicago the satin blue wrap and the satin red car wrap are available in metallic and chrome options. They both look amazing and bright: your car will definitely catch many eyes on the road!

And for the drivers that don’t want much attention, we would recommend satin grey wrap or satin silver wrap. They also look absolutely great but are much more subtle.

A couple of things to consider before you go

And, after you made your choice on the kind of a car wrap film, the next step to consider — is definitely the window tint. We have plenty of options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a satin wrap last on a car?

Up to 5 years. We provide a 2-year warranty on all wrapping. But usually, it lasts much longer.

Is satin car wrap hard to maintain?

No, you can treat a wrapped vehicle as a normal car. There is just one exception — don't take it to automatic car washes. Wrapping film requires no additional treatment but gentle cleanse: you can wash it with normal washing agents and a squeegee.

Can I satin wrap the car myself?

In theory, yes, but in practice, it is quite complicated. The process requires a number of techniques and devices that help to make the installation process feasible. No matter what part of your car is being coated with the film, you are likely to have trouble due to the lack of air discharging technology at your hand. In facilities like ours, the usage of non-visible air release channels takes away the risk of wrinkles or air bubbles in the end result.

What are the benefits of wrapping a car in Tinting Chicago?

Tinting Chicago has a very convenient location, fast service, and solid warranties for all our works. We promise to do our best with your vehicle!


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