Satin Vinyl Wrap In White And Black

Modern cars are not just a means of transport. Many car owners tend to treat their vehicles as luxury items underlining their style or status. Do you want your car look luxurious and expensive? Use a satin vinyl wrap for it. As a result, you’ll get something very close to the matte effect but with an additional soft satin hue, enhancing your vehicle’s appeal even more intensively. The most popular satin vinyl wraps that you can get in Chicago, IL today are white and black.

Satin black vinyl wrap

The black series offers a great surface-protecting dual cast film, bringing luxurious appeal to your car. The film provides high performance as well. It is resistant to rocks, dirt, scratches, and many other paintwork destroying factors. That is why this film is widely used by racers and hotrodders, who want their vehicles to look amazing and be safely protected at the same time.

The black vinyl wrap we offer for your car is quite easy to install. It possesses a number of modern technologies which help in making the installation process feasible even for amateurs. No matter what part of your car is being coated with the film, you are likely to have little trouble due to invisible air discharging technology reducing the risk of wrinkles or bubbles. However, if this is your first installation, we would strongly recommend contacting our office based in Chicago, IL. We will come up with useful tips for beginners and do our best to explain all the small details you may face while wrapping your vehicle yourself.

Normally, this material is used for the exterior of a car. However, due to its nature you can also find plenty of applications for it inside your vehicle. Be sure to use the black vinyl wrap for your car as a decoration for your dashboard as well. It will add an ideal professional finish to your interior, making it unique and individual.

Many car owners use the black satin vinyl wrap as a background for their decals. It provides a great contrast, underlining the color and the brightness of the other layers. The combination of the satin black background and intense acid decals has recently become quite popular among Chicago, IL customers.

We offer vinyl wraps in rolls of various sizes for you to find the most suitable solution and reduce your costs. Our trained consultants will help you with making the right choice to reduce the amount of leftovers. Remember that most of the wrappings can easily be taken down and re-used again. This provides you with additional flexibility with your installation.

To install the film correctly, be sure to follow the instructions or contact our Chicago, IL – based maintenance team for useful application tips. Normally, the installation area must be cleaned with a soap solution and degreased before applying the film. The area must be dust-proof and drought-free. Be sure to maintain the necessary temperature inside the area where you will install the vinyl wrapping. Normally, this ranges from +16C to +32C.

The film itself doesn’t need water for installation. Its back is covered with a pressure-activated self-adhesive substance which doesn’t harm the paintwork and will not remain on the surface after removal. The wrapping is resistant to high temperatures and is easily applied to curved surfaces once it is heated. The film requires no additional treatment so you can wash it with normal washing agents. If you want to intensify the glossy effect, our Chicago, IL service team may offer extra coating.

Additionally, your paintwork receives the perfect protection from UV, dirt, rocks, scratches, oil and salt. The wrapping is highly durable and its normal outdoor warranty ranges from 3 to 6 years while its indoor warranty is practically unlimited.

Satin White Vinyl Wrap

The white satin vinyl wrap for your car offers a dual cast film similar to the black series, with perfect luxury appeal. It secures safe protection against rocks, dirt, scratches, and oil, keeping your vehicle’s paintwork new and untouched. Due to the absorbing peculiarities of its color, the white film may be applied at extremely high temperatures. However, we do not recommend using it in extremely low temperature conditions.

The process of installation is quick and easy, especially for trained personnel. If you want to try to apply it yourself, be sure to contact our Chicago, IL maintenance team for useful tips. Generally, the bubble-free and air discharging technologies allow you to avoid unwanted shrinkage and wrinkles, while the film’s natural flexibility allows application to practically any surface.

The adhesives used at the back of the film are paintwork-friendly and do no harm even when removed after years of use. The outdoor durability is also impressive: even the warranty lasts from 3 to 6 years! Another benefit is that you can always renovate the spoiled parts of the vinyl wrap if they get scratched or damaged.

Many of you have probably realized how easy it is to maintain the cleanliness of a white car. As opposed to other colors, especially black or other dark colors, it is absolutely painless to keep a white car looking clean. Dust doesn’t show as much as it does on darker colors. Many Chicago, IL car owners prefer the white vinyl wrap for this reason as well. Business owners can use the satin white vinyl wrap not only to enhance their vehicle’s exterior appeal, but also to protect the paintwork from damage, thus allowing it to be sold later at a better price. Many taxi companies in Chicago, IL use this method in order to preserve their automobiles and save on repair costs.

Both the satin white and satin black vinyl wraps offer the perfect solution for personal and commercial use. It is the perfect option not only for customizing and adding luxury to your vehicle, but it is also an effective method of protecting your car from corrosion and paint damage which helps save you money on repair costs. The newly designed technologies allow easy installation and removal, while our trained staff is always ready to help with useful advice and choosing the most suitable variant for you and your business.


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