Commercial graphics are a variety of decorative means that are aimed to boost businesses’ visual performance, to increase brand awareness, attract more customers and raise sales. Design has always played a very important role in business. But the power of a single sign has never been as significant as now: the way your company presents itself to the audience has to vividly stand out from the thick informational and visual noise that we live in today. It has to attract a potential customer in a tasteful, striking, memorable way. It has to be different. It has to be pleasant. It has to be a little bit ahead of time. The fast, easy and cost-effective way to enhance the looks of stationary or mobile commercial surfaces — is to decorate them with authentic vinyl prints.

Tinting Chicago services: commercial graphics for stationary & mobile surfaces

Tinting Chicago offers a number of state-of-the-art commercial graphics solutions: customization of business premises (windows, interiors) and fleet (delivery trucks, corporate vehicles, bikes, taxis etc.) with printable or quality colored films. Our service includes the production of authentic designs on the best materials by the top manufacturers on the market — 3M and Avery Dennison. The printing technology that we use allows us to produce graphics of any color combinations, shades, shapes or sizes — decorative elements for the walls or windows, attractive signage, automotive decals… Tinting Chicago can print and deliver both: single elements or the whole interiors / vehicle surfaces.

What are the most demanded commercial graphics?

Tinting Chicago clients — companies that need striking advertising, international and local businesses that want to tell about their services in the most effective and transparent way. Each customer of our company gets a free consultation by our commercial graphics team. The services that Tinting Chicago will advise would totally depend on their current business situation and needs. But the most popular commercial graphics that we provide to our clientele — are a slight or a significant office / commercial space design upgrade, a creation of attractive window displays, company fleet or single vehicle customization (including partial car vinyl graphics or decals installation).

Premises graphics by Tinting Chicago

Premises graphics is one of the most popular services that we provide to our customers. If you have white walls — you have a blank canvas that can be transformed into anything that you envision your business to be.

To turn the surfaces into meaningful messages Tinting Chicago uses top quality printable or colored films:

  • Print wrap films
  • Graphic films
  • Perforated window graphic films
  • Changeable graphic films and many others.

Modern technology allows these films to be presented in many color / shade options:

  • Retroreflective
  • Solid color
  • Opaque
  • Clear
  • Metallic.

Tinting Chicago also offers overlaminating that creates an extra protective layer and will secure our work for many years to come.

Premises graphics check-list from our company pros

The way your commercial space looks tells 90% of what you are as a business entity. It shows the work that you do for your clients and employers to feel comfortable, respected, and easy to get help. A success of their best experience — in high quality materials of graphic elements that create that unique design space. And don’t forget:

  • Easy to comprehend navigation systems
  • Modern information stands
  • Mobile and stationary signage
  • Furniture in corporate design style.

All of these design elements are easily customized by commercial graphics. Get a quote and your free consultation at our customer service.

Commercial window graphics

Multiple researches show that the customer is more likely to enter the shop or an office if it has attractive signage. Tinting Chicago offers commercial window customization by means of easy to apply and to maintain printable or colored films. No matter if you are a small local shop or an international company, you can create an unforgettable experience for your potential clients by enhancing the window design with striking graphics. The films that we offer are produced by top manufacturers, are very strong, durable and come from a 2 to 5 year warranty against fading.

Fleet graphics by Tinting Chicago

As the clothes make you stand out from the crowd and claim your unique identity, your corporate fleet helps your company to create the style and the message that you want to project in the outside world. You don’t necessarily need to own a luxury fleet: the technology of graphic print services can work magic on just a number of cars. The options are limitless: all is required from you is the corporate style, colors and the message that you want to last.

Most companies that order fleet graphics in Tinting Chicago prefer:

  • Vinyl lettering: logo, phone number, Instagram account, web site address
  • Partial or full wraps: depends on corporate style
  • Design graphics on selected parts of the vehicle.

The films that we use for these works not only create attractive advertising, but provide a good protection from UV rays, mechanical and chemical damage on the road. Tinting Chicago provides life-time guarantees on its work, and our films have at least a 2 years warranty against fading. Call our customer service to get a free consultation.

Decals installation

Decals are probably the most easy, fast and cost-effective way to upgrade the design of your commercial surfaces — from shop windows to office walls, from the service car to a delivery truck body. The most demanded decal installation in Tinting Chicago is graphics for a single vehicle or a fleet. Different varieties of printable or colored films from 3M and Avery Dennison allow us to provide interesting customization solutions: refer to the examples of our work on this page. Vinyl decals by these top brands last very long: the service comes with our company guarantees and warranty against fading. Quality service of our team means the end result with an absolutely smooth surface, without a single bubble. Another good thing about decals — they are very easy to remove without damaging the original surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need commercial graphics?

Commercial graphics are a very convenient and cost-effective way to upgrade the look of business premises, to advertise services or to add your corporate design style to… well, basically anything. Quality vinyl films can be installed on absolutely different surfaces — metal, plastic, glass etc. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. For static or mobile objects.

What can commercial graphics be used for?

Almost any modern enterprise uses commercial graphics in this way or the other. Banks (ATMs); shops, restaurants, cafes (windows / window displays); office buildings, concert halls, shopping malls (parking lots, navigation, signage); taxi services, construction companies, deliveries, large retailers, small beauty shops (commercial fleet graphics). You name a few!

What is commercial fleet graphics?

It is the number of services that include application of quality vinyl films onto your commercial fleet. Tinting Chicago installs quality decals, wraps (full vehicle or partial) and can decorate any type of car or truck in the corporate style of your company. As well as to create unique visuals with the help of in-house designers. Among our clients — companies, owning a fleets of very different kinds: trailers of 28 ft and 53 ft, box-trucks, pick-ups, vans, sedans etc. So far, Amazon, Target A, AT&T, Whole Foods were happy with the quality of our work. In progress right now — a big project for FedEx.

What is the best way to upgrade the design of the commercial space?

First of all you need to call a professional service that would offer you a new solution. Most likely, the old graphics would have to be removed. If vinyl is not older than 4 years, it comes off very easily. In case it’s older — the company might recommend to use a cover-up: application of white / black vinyl film that becomes a surface for the new design. Of course, the first option is preferable.

What films does Tinting Chicago use for commercial graphics?

Only from the top manufacturers — 3M and Avery Dennison. Each particular project would require a particular film. We have sample books and always provide our recommendations for the clients.

What guarantees for commercial graphics works does your company provide?

First of all, the manufacturers 3M and Avery Denisson provide a 5-year warranty against fading for their films. Tinting Chicago provides a 2-year guarantee for its work (against peeling, bubbles etc.).


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