Headlight Tint: Upgrade the Design of Your Car in Just 20 Minutes

Headlights are made in order to illuminate the road with powerful light. But what if you also want to make them stand out design wise? Tinting Chicago offers interesting solutions — headlight stickers from high quality films from top manufacturers.

Make your car stand out on the road: install headlight tint

Many of us enjoy having a car that is different from others. That is exactly why people tint their headlights — for a wow-effect that will make you feel that your car matches your inner perception of style. Clear headlights covered in top quality film will show your great taste, lightly tinted headlights in your vehicle’s color scheme will stand out from the same models, and professionally advised tints will protect your headlights from road chips and scratches.

What kind of tint can be used for the headlights?

Films that are used for headlights tinting are different from the automotive vinyl films that are used for the windows. Their main difference is in the process of installation and a superior temperature resistance.

Headlight tinting is strictly regulated by state laws. Bright colors are forbidden. Darkness of the film cannot dim more than 50% of light transmission. So we are talking only about light tint film.

Therefore, there are not too many options of legal headlight tint films we can offer, to be precise — only six: three shades in glossy and three shades in matte (light, medium and dark).

Tinting Chicago offers only great products from top manufacturers. Tinting films that we use for headlight covers are strong, durable and stylish and come with solid warranties — as does our work. Our installers have years of experience and will provide the best legal tint for your headlights.

Cons of headlight tint

  • Headlights are very powerful (unlike the tail lights or fog lights), therefore the film heats up significantly. If you use poor-quality films, they can be simply melted by temperature. That is why we recommend the lightest films from top manufacturers: they heat up less and have guarantees.
  • If you own a rare model, or a top class car (such as Cadillac Escalade or Toyota Prius) their headlights might have a complex shape which is hard to tint. This headlight tint film job is time consuming and costs more. And, for some models (Toyota Fortuner) headlight tint is almost impossible due to headlight shapes.

Film vs spray — what is better for the headlights?

There are 5 main advantages of the headlights films in comparison to spray:

  • 2 years warranty for tinting in the professional shops such as Tinting Chicago (no one will give your warranty for the color spray)
  • The headlight tint is easy to remove (unlike the spray)
  • Film protects the glass of the headlights from scratches and road chips, spray does not
  • Vinyl films protect the headlights from UV-rays, causing the yellow light effect, spray does not
  • High quality tinting films can withstand the heat, but spray will be damaged by it sooner or later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to put a tint on your headlights?

According to the U.S. National Headway Traffic Safety Administration headlights of all vehicles in the U.S. must emit white light. Any other color may not be noticed in time. And total light blackouts are forbidden. In the Tinting Chicago shop we offer 2 legal headlight film options to give your car cool “eyes” and protect them.

Is tinting headlights a bad idea?

It is not such a bad idea if you choose a light legal option for headlight tint and trust the installation to the professionals.

Will tinted headlights pass MOT?

It will, if the VLT (visible light transmission) is not more than 50% and the color of the film doesn't change the white light from the headlights.

How long does it take for a headlight tint to dry?

High quality wrap film which was made for the headlights lasted over two years. That is why Tinting Chicago gives a 2-years warranty for the recommended tint.

What are the most popular types of the headlight tint film?

The smoke tint for the headlights are the most popular, especially the light smoke option. We are recommended to use only light covers.

Concerning a brand, it is LUXE Lightwrap tint for automotive lights and chrome.

Where can I install the headlight tint?

We recommend tinting your car lights in a professional licensed workshop. In this case you will get a legal safety film for the headlights and quality air release installation without bubbles or creases. In Tinting Chicago we use computer cuts to make a perfect decal for every car model. Our recommended headlight and taillight tint comes with a 2-year warranty. You can find us at 3621 N Harlem Ave, 2720 W Grand Ave in Chicago IL, or 1402 N Rand Rd in Palatine, IL, or call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.


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