Vinyl Headlight Tinting

Installing vinyl headlight tint is a smart decision as this will help you both protect your vehicle and save money by reducing the damage your headlights suffer from gravel and debris. UV rays are a danger to headlights as well. Exposure to them will turn the surface of the light bulbs yellow, which will affect their efficiency.

Maintaining your head and tail lights in top condition is essential for your safety. There is also a matter of appearance to be considered. Scratched, dull, and yellow headlights can ruin the look of any vehicle. Luckily, installing one of the tinted vinyl films can have a completely opposite effect. Colored tints will give your car a stylish look that is sure to make it stand out.  Just be sure to choose a film that fits the legal tinting requirements in your area.

Headlight tinting laws vary depending on the region, but all of them state that the light emitted by headlights must be white. Nowadays, you can find quite a few high-quality tinting films that will effectively change the color of the surface but won’t interfere with the transmitted light. If you can’t decide which of the many products is the best one for you, contact our specialists. We will be happy to help you choose and install vinyl wrap headlights tint that will provide your vehicle with protection and enhance its beauty at the same time.

Vinyl Headlight Tint Installation

You can either hire a professional service or install the film on your own. If you entrust this job to us, you can be sure that it will be done quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are trained to handle any kind of tint film and will customize it to fit the lines of your car perfectly. We always offer guarantees for our services, so you can be sure in their quality.

If you want to try to DIY option, you will need:

  • A piece of soft cloth
  • Spray bottle filled with soapy water
  • Vinyl squeegee
  • Hair drier/heat gun
  • Vinyl film
  • Sharp knife
  • Rubbing alcohol

Prepare your tools and start working:

  1. Clean the headlights.
    The headlights must be perfectly clean for this procedure. You will need to work in a dust-free clean room to prevent the tiny particles of dirt accumulating on the cleaned surface. After you remove all the dirt with soap and water, clean the surface once more with a water+rubbing alcohol solution (1:2) in order to ensure that the surface is indeed perfectly clean and grease-free. Try not to leave your fingerprints on the lights.
  2. Cut the film.
    If your tint is not pre-cut, you will need to cut out the pieces of roughly the same shape as your headlights. Make sure that they are a bit bigger than what you need.
  3. Apply the tint.
    Carefully peel off the corner of the protective sheet and remove it. Spray the adhesive surface with soapy water. Spray the surface and apply the film. Be very careful and try to smooth out the tint as much as you can.
  4. Smooth out the film.
    Use squeegee and hair drier where necessary and smooth out the film removing all the bubbles. Hot air will soften vinyl and make it easier to work with if it creases.

Trim and dry.
Once everything is as perfect as you can make it, trim the ends of the film for it to fit perfectly and allow it to dry. Avoid washing the car for two days at the least.


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