Truck window tinting in Chicago: your truck deserves the best

America loves its trucks — and for a reason. It is one of the most versatile, hardworking, and reliable vehicles of all. Truck window tinting is an easy, affordable, and cost-effective way to protect the driver and the passengers from glare, UV rays, and radiation. And the pickup truck interior — from overheating and fading. What are the best options for tinting a truck? Tinting Chicago expert explains.

What is truck window tinting?

Tinting is a process of application of vinyl films onto truck windows. It upgrades the look of the car and serves multiple safety and protection purposes. Pickup truck window tinting is not really different from any other types, besides, perhaps, the increased need for window protection. When the pickup truck is on duty, the window can be damaged, scratched, the rides can be long, and expose the driver to the exhausting sun rays. 

Types of truck window tint

The main purposes of truck window tinting are privacy and UV protection. Tinting Chicago offers:

  • Sun blocking window film. Protects from UV, glare, heat. Reduces temperature inside the truck, making the driver concentrate on the road, not on the discomfort
  • Polarized window tint. Works similar to polarized sunglasses, providing an extra layer of comfort from ultraviolet protection. And it looks cool!
  • Car privacy window film. Protects the driver, the passenger or the belongings from unwanted attention as well as reducing the exposure to sun
  • Clear window tint. Invisible film with strong UV and radiation protection properties.

Tinting Chicago customers can also choose high-end “technological” films:

  • Carbon window tint. Contains carbon nano-particles that reject heat and UV better than any other films. Gives windows of all vehicles a luxurious matte effect. Does not interfere with radio or WiFi signals.
  • Ceramic window tint. The high-end technology on the market with ultimate heat and UV rejection properties. Does not interfere with radio or WiFi signals.

3 rules of choosing the right window tint for your truck

  • Ask for professional help

The choice of tinting options on the market is so versatile, that it makes sense to ask the advice of professionals before making the final choice. You can call Tinting Chicago 24/7 or book an appointment in the shop for a consultation, film demonstration (we have a special window display with the most popular tints installed) and a free estimate. But let’s cover some of the basics first.

  • Explore sun protection properties

If your only goal is protection from glare and UV-rays — your choice is sun blocking or polarized films. Drivers that are looking for the highest quality and want an extra layer of strength and technology, install carbon or ceramic window tint (the most expensive of all). They both protect from solar rays and make your car window extremely strong. Often these films are metalized.

  • Choose film darkness according to law

The next step — is to choose film VLT, or visual light transmission, which is set in percent (the lower the percentage, the less light comes through the windows). In Chicago where our shops are based, the legal tint for all truck windows is 35%, but you can tint the rear window or the sunroof with films of any darkness. Backside windows can also have darker VLT than the front ones, and the windshield cannot be tinted at all. To protect the windshield from glare, you can install a sun visor strip of 6 inches wide. Installers in the shop will help you with the choice of legal tints in your area.

Top brands — top quality of truck window tinting

Tinting Chicago has been on the market for more than 12 years and tested performance on dozens of car window tints. Eventually, we narrowed our choice down to just 2 top brands — 3M and Rayno. These modern manufacturers use high-end technology in producing films and the end results are very impressive.

Top quality films can contain carbon or ceramic nano-particles for ultra strength, reduction of UV and radiation harm and light transmission properties.

Application of special window films protect them from shattering, create a cool atmosphere in the vehicle and help saving on gas by reducing the need of air conditioning. The color palettes have many choices — from the most popular colors and shades to the rare and unique ones. Trust the process to professionals — and they will advise the right brand for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does window tinting cost for a pickup truck?

Starting price for all truck window tinting, excluding the windshield at Tinting Chicago is $600. Choose the shop closest to your location, the job only takes about 2 hours!

How dark should I tint my truck windows?

Tinting regulation laws are different from state to state. You can check out this site and find out legal vehicle window tint VLT in your state. For example, in Chicago all windows (besides the windshield) can have the film darkness of 35%.

Can trucks have tinted windows?

Yes. They can. But actually the rules vary not only from state to state, but also from window to window. Usually all windows tint could have a shade of 35-50%, windshield could have a 6-inch stripe (70% in most of the states). Only the rear window and the sunroof can be tinted with the darkest films possible (5%).


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