Clear Privacy Window Films

Home privacy has always been an important issue for people. Nothing is probably valued more than private space at home. Each family member wants to have their own room or space where it is possible to get some solitude. In this respect the modern Chicago IL market has plenty of techniques to offer. One of the solutions is glass privacy clear film installation. You can get films of a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, forms, and physical features. They contain reflective substances which help to control visibility and light penetration.

Normally, people choose between two main types of window films, the so called day-time or full-time films. As you can already guess from their names, they provide privacy depending on the time of the day. As a rule, various levels of privacy are needed during the day. In offices, for example, where people usually work during daylight hours, privacy is required from morning till evening. However, at night, privacy is either not needed or undesirable for security reasons. In such cases, one-way daylight films should be applied. Of course, you should remember that the one way privacy window film may be treacherous. Even during the day, if an intense light is suddenly emanated from inside the building, the window film may start working the opposite way, making the privacy area visible for those who are outside.

Many Chicago IL office tenants find the one-way clear privacy film quite comfortable. While letting plenty of natural light inside, the window films also help to avoid the need of buying expensive curtains and blinds. And the film’s heat control features help to avoid heat gain or loss, reducing the energy costs. Besides, unwanted daily views can also be obscured with the help of our window films, which will definitely add to your home or office atmosphere and prevent it from disintegrating.

The two-way or the full-time clear window films provide a higher level of privacy. They work 24/7 so you do not have to worry about day or night hours as well as about light sources inside the building. All the other characteristics, such as UV protection, heat gain or loss control and so on do not differ much from the one-way type. In fact, you will probably be unable to distinguish between the two types during the day time, when both are working the same way.

Many of the customers like the physical features offered by a clear mirror privacy window film. The most popular is probably the coloring. You can always improve the exterior or interior design by applying a color or a pattern you think is suitable for your home or office. Often, Chicago buyers prefer films with a polarization effect, which means the sun’s spectrum is partially filtered out, thus improving vision and reducing the glare effect. Nowadays, this is widely used in car sunshield production. You can choose between day or night sunshields, which can enhance the driver’s view, reducing the influence from sun and counter headlights. This makes driving safer and much more comfortable.


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