Clear Bra Installation Service

Clear Bra is a great tool that can add a layer of protection to your precious vehicle. It’s a type of thin transparent polyurethane film that protects the paint on your car from the scratches left by debris, gravel, and sand. The minor damage dealt by them isn’t particularly dangerous. However, it is permanent and will reduce the value of your vehicle. Clear Bra will protect the integrity of the car and ensure that it looks as beautiful as the day you bought it for a very long time.

Clear Bra installation is a tricky process that you really shouldn’t attempt on your own. Our qualified technicians will be able to perform this task within a few short hours, and the top quality film we install can last up to 7-10 years. Unlike Vinyl Bra, Clear Bra doesn’t need to be removed under certain conditions. Therefore, with the right maintenance, it will efficiently protect your car for a while.

If, for some reason, you decide to remove your Clear Bra, our specialists can do this quickly and without damaging the paint. Please note that if the film was installed atop graphics, the image will be damaged a little. If you want to protect a freshly painted vehicle or the one with the paint touched up, you will need to wait for the paint to dry and cure completely.

Here are a few other important facts you should know about Clear Bra:

  • There is a specialized kit for almost any kind of vehicle.
    However, if you can’t find one, we will gladly customize a kit for you to ensure that your car is protected perfectly.
  • You can install the film on any part of the vehicle.
  • Clear Bra reduces the damage from UV rays but doesn’t stop the light.
    Therefore, the paint on the protected and unprotected parts of the vehicle should fade evenly.
  • For the film to last the promised 7-10 years, it needs to be cared for.
    To do this, you will need to clean it carefully with water and soap. Avoid any heavy detergents and petroleum-based products as they can harm not only the film but even the paint under it. When your Clear Bra is clean, wax it with a specialized product.
    If you prefer going to a car wash, choose the brush-less and touch-less ones.
  • High-quality Clear Bra installed by our experienced professionals will not yellow over time.
    However, some measure of color degradation is unavoidable for all urethane-based films. If you maintain your Clear Bra in top condition, it shouldn’t be noticeable to a human eye.
  • Clear Bra installation should be performed by professionals.
    Although, it’s not impossible to install the film on your own, doing this will be extremely hard. Clear Bra is very thin and you can ruin it with a single move. Our technicians go through days of training in order to learn how to install the film perfectly.

Clear Bra Installation Basics

Understanding the tricky parts of Clear Bra installation will help you see why exactly you should entrust this task to our experienced specialists.

  • The film is almost invisible, so the lightning in the shop must be VERY good.
  • The temperature in the building must be maintained at a certain level throughout the procedure to ensure a perfect installation.
  • A team of specialists is necessary to install Clear Bra quickly and without a hitch.
    The film is so thin that it will fold onto itself in an instant when you remove it from the liner. You’ll need an assistant to hold both ends of the piece carefully. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the surface of the vehicle remains perfectly clean and moist throughout the procedure. All in all, this is not a job that should be done single-handedly.


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