Bumper Protection Film

If you are a responsible car owner, you need to take care of your car regularly. It is not only about servicing the engine and the suspension, as most people think. Providing the relevant attention to your vehicle’s interior upholstery and exterior surfaces is vital as well. By securing your car against harmful impacts caused by weather conditions and road grime, you provide extra endurance to it as well as save its resale value.

The scratches on your car, as well as internal material distortions, are always a nasty thing. Even if your car performs perfectly and all of its electronics and mechanics function properly, you are highly likely to feel uncomfortable driving a shabby ride. Many of Chicago clients pay a great deal of attention to their vehicles’ surfaces. As a rule, they provide additional protection to the details which are most exposed to wear. Those are naturally the front parts, such as the hood and the bumper. In fact, the latter is probably the most vulnerable piece. It has to stand against the majority of road debris.

The bumpers of modern cars are normally made of plastic and are designed to bring protection to your vehicle in slight accidents, mainly at low speeds. Plenty of Chicago drivers experience minor hits almost every day. Whenever you haven’t noticed a bollard at the parking lot, or simply lost your concentration for a moment while performing parallel parking, your bumper will always be a reminder. The structure of a car’s bumper allows it to absorb the energy of low-speed crashes. On the other hand, the bumpers should not be treated as consumables. Replacing or repairing a bumper is not the cheapest procedure.

However, it is not always your car bumper you spoil. Statistics shows a considerable amount of parking scratches done by “other drivers”. Do you remember spotting a new scratch on your bumper at the supermarket parking lot? That’s frustrating, but there’s nothing you can actually do. So, why wait till it’s too late?

That’s exactly why we offer a wide range of bumper protection films along with our front and rear bumper protection installation service. The protection films we offer feature a thin but durable clear urethane coating applied to your bumper surfaces with the help of the self-adhesives. This unique material can virtually be applied to any smooth and non-perforated surface. Its natural characteristics are incredible! First of all, it is absolutely scratch-resistant which means you will simply forget about minor nicks caused by flying rocks and sand. Even if a scratch may not seem serious to you, it actually weakens the paint layer of your car’s surface speeding up the corrosion process. It means that repair paint jobs are simply inevitable as well as quite costly. In addition, a repainted car loses its value automatically.

We have a broad selection of clear protection film kits providing full protection to your bumpers. They are absolutely invisible, so you won’t spoil or change your car’s appearance, while the high performance of the urethane coated layer will provide an overall excellent protection. In addition, the films are comfortable to apply as well as easy to take down. The adhesives do not influence your natural paint and do not stick to the surfaces.

Our front and rear bumper protection installation service in Chicago offers a great chance to protect your car’s bumpers from scratches as well as to make them more resistant to accidental damages. Once covered with the urethane layer, the plastic of your bumper becomes stronger. The surface tension of the bumper protection film adds more stability to the plastic structure, preventing it from cracking. In other words, a treated bumper can be exposed to stronger impacts before it gets cracked as opposed to an untreated one.

Finally, if you don’t like the look of your front and rear bumpers because of the numerous scratches on it, you can always take down the old bumper protection film down and install a new one. You are sure to spend less time and money for this procedure than performing a professional painting job. The clear film will act as an armor which you can always remove and replace with another.

Don’t be afraid to park fearing your bumpers may get spoiled. We’ll provide top quality protection to your vehicle with the innovative bumper protection films from world famous producers. Call us and set up an appointment with one of our trained specialists at the front and rear bumper protector film installation service in Chicago, IL.


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