Wrapping Your Car Roof With Vinyl Wrap

Car Vinyl Wrap Roof

A vinyl roof wrap was originally designed to mimic models with convertible tops. However, this style has quickly become a unique and separate direction in vehicle design. Many of our Chicago car roof vinyl wrap installation service clients prefer this type of design due to the wonderful chance for creating a special and unique appearance for their vehicles.

Wrapping your car roof with vinyl wrap offers a quick way to change the style of your vehicle at a reasonable price. The pressure-activated adhesives allow the re-using or repositioning of the wrapping, making the installation process easy even for beginners. Available in multiple sizes, the film can easily wrap any type of a roof, no matter how curved its surface is. As long as it is not porous, you can avoid the bubble effect, provided you follow the installation instructions carefully.

Roof Wrapping Styles

At our Chicago car roof vinyl wrap installation service, we understand that every particular model can have its own style. That is why we practice a versatile approach to roof wrappings. We understand that stripes, which look absolutely fabulous on a Mini Countryman or a Dodge Challenger, may not always fit a Wrangler Jeep or a BMW 750. For this reason, we offer a wide selection of roof vinyl kits specially designed for different models. This enables our clients to customize their roofs in the best possible way.

While designing a decal for your roof we take several factors into consideration, including the color and the type of your vehicle as well as your personal preferences. Some of our clients want their vehicles to look more aggressive while others simply want to add contrast to their car’s appearance. Whether you choose between full or partial roof wrappings, we can come up with multiple solutions to your car in order to find the best designing option for your style.

Roof Wraps

The roof wraps we offer for Chicago clients come from world-renowned designers and premium manufacturers. This means you can always be sure of their perfect performance. You’ll have a choice between a vast variety of vinyl effects and colors. All our films are bright and vibrant, providing a sporty and dynamic look to any vehicle. If you want to look distinctive, be sure to wrap your vehicle’s roof with our vinyl wraps.

How to Wrap Your Vehicle’s Roof

The procedure for roof wrapping is pretty much similar to the one performed for other parts of your vehicle’s body. Once you’ve provided the required dust-proof conditions and have prepared the surface for wrapping, you can start applying the film. After you have cut out a piece which fits the size of your roof, put it onto its surface so you can cut out the shape of your hood. The backing should not be removed yet. Once you’ve got the needed shape of the film, you can start taking down the backing and begin applying it to the surface of your car’s roof. Wipe out the bubbles with a squeegee thoroughly and use the heat gun to go around sharp corners. Once you’ve got rid of the bubbles, start cutting down the leftovers. Use a Stanley knife or any other sharp bladed tool. On the leading edges of complex shapes, use a primer and a heat gun to ensure a firm grip with the roof surface.

Cost of Roof Wrapping

Our roof vinyl wrap installation service in Chicago offers an individual approach to each client. This means we can always find a solution which will suit your style and budget. An average cost of a roof wrap for a conventional sedan ranges from $200 to $400. However, a lot also depends on the type of film you choose as well as the brand and manufacturer. Check for more pricing details through our maintenance line.


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