3M Window Film — The Superior Quality and Best Guarantees on the Market

Our Tinting Chicago team has more than 12 years of experience in window film installation. We tested a lot of different brands of residential window films and have chosen 3M as one of the best to work with. 3M window film products are not cheap, but they are of very high quality. The brand is the reputable leader of the industry providing solid guarantees on all its window films. In this little guide we present you with the interesting solutions that 3M has developed specially for cozy homes. You can get them with the help of our company.

3M window film science. Applied to Life

This is how the motto of the 3M company sounds. Indeed, the brand is doing a lot of research and development to make films really strong and as functional as possible. 

3M company has a long great history, from glued film invention more than 100 years ago, to the newest times, when the modern technologies help to improve the superpowers of the product to make our life comfortable and safe.

Also, all of the 3M window films were tested in all existing types of weather and temperature conditions, even the toughest ones. You can watch the very picturesque video to be convinced how the company is checking these high-performance window films.

3M™ Window FilmWindow Film Weather Testing

To learn how to work with these films, Chicago Tinting installers went to a professional school and got the certificates from 3M. So if you are choosing the 3M brand for your house and looking for the best window tinting near you, call Tinting Chicago, we have all the needed knowledge and experience for the film’s installation.

Types of 3M Window Film

3M Ceramic series

The most modern and functional product line, these films are made with nano-ceramic particles, which makes them very durable and long-lasting. 

The main specs of the 3M Ceramic series are:

  • Solar heat protection, — pay less for A/C during the summer, get rid of sun glare, and keep your furniture and fabrics safe
  • Elegant, barely visible appearance — available in very light options
  • Fade and corrosion resistance — get almost invulnerable protection for your windows
  • Extremely low interior and exterior reflectivity — it protects your windows but doesn’t block the view
  • Advanced UV protection — keep your furniture and fabrics safe without fading and drying out.

3M Night Vision series

This great window film product line helps provide daytime privacy, energy savings, and improved comfort. These films are made with scratch-resistant technology to provide long life and a nice appearance to your windows.

The main specs of the 3M Night Vision series:

  • Warm neutral colors looks very good both on the interior and exterior
  • Provide low interior reflectivity, especially at night, so you can enjoy enhanced privacy with your windows
  • Reject up to 71% heat, so you can pay less for A/C energy and keep your furniture safe.
  • Reduce glare and eye discomfort, make it more comfortable using an electronic device with a screen.
  • Blocking the harmful UV rays thereby helps to extend the life of your furnishings.

3M Safety and security series

These remarkable 3m window tints combine the functions of security and sun control window films. This film blocks damaging UV rays and infrared radiation (rejects up to 97%), reduces the amount of heat but also protects glass windows from accidental smash or break-ins. It is incredibly durable so thieves have to spend just so much effort and time to break into the house so that the police have time to arrive while they are still poking around outside. The important advantage of the security series is the 15 years warranty. As the manufacturer claims, by choosing a 3M security series film, you are buying peace of mind.

This series looks very attractive both inside and outside. The product line with the best customer rating is 3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Film Ultra Prestige Series.

3M Sun control neutral series

As the name implies, these films are created specifically to protect your home from the sun’s heat, as well as three phenomena that are harmful to people, as well as furniture and the interior: UV rays, and infrared radiation. Also, such films will save you from unwanted glare and hot spots from the sun, which interfere with the use of devices with screens and dazzle your eyes.

These films are faded and corrosion resistant, so by choosing them you can be sure that you don’t have to worry about window tinting for at least 10 years.

The 3M Sun control neutral series looks very elegant, you can choose a neutral or bronze option. One of the best films of this line is the 3M™ Sun Control Window Film Prestige Exterior Series.

3M Decorative window film series

This 3M window film solution is an excellent glass finish made to decorate your interior. But they also provide privacy, protect your home from heat, sun, annoying glare, ultraviolet, and infrared rays that are dangerous for furniture. Before choosing one of the 3M Decorative window film series options, you can get advice from interior designers, which will suit your home.

Also, the films protect windows from the blows of birds, which no longer perceive the window as a portal where you can safely fly in.

All these kinds of 3M window films are available in the Tinting Chicago service. Get the free estimation right now and we can start changing your house shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a 3M window film last?

For the all-night vision films, the 3M company provides up to a 15-year warranty when professionally installed on a commercial building.
These films are super durable, UV, temperature resistant, very strong, and long-lasting. That is why Tinting Chicago chose to work with a 3M window Film.

Where is 3M window film made?

3M window films made in the 3M company's plants in China and Singapore.

How much is home window tinting?

Our company Tinting Chicago offers the application of 3M Ceramic series from $8 per sq. ft. For 3M Night vision series films — $7.5 / 1 sq. ft, for security types — $8 per sq. ft. For the Sun control, neutral window films prices start at 7.5 per sq. ft. Decorative series of 3M window film average price is $7 per sq. ft.
The final price depends on the shape and size of the windows, but you can get a free estimate right now, just give us a call. Our phone numbers are 773-455-0467 and 312-212-0493, feel free to ask any questions. We offer a fast and quality window film installation.


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