Matte Blue Vinyl Wrap in Chicago

Our matte blue vinyl wrap is made of durable dual cast wrappings to protect your car while also enhancing its look. This is one of the most popular models we offer to our clients in Chicago and the nearby areas. So if you are looking for premium and affordable tinting and vinyl wrapping services, we invite you for an inspection at our two locations in Chicago.

Stay Safe While Looking Great

The Tinting Chicago matte vinyl wrap will keep your paint job and car body parts protected against water, dust, dirt and UV rays, as well as scratches and corrosion. Also, if you ever get bored of the matte blue color, you can easily change it to another or go back to the original paint.

The pressure activated self-adhesive technology allows our technicians to easily apply the wrap and also to easily take it down. The brand, model and year is not important: we can apply it to absolutely any vehicle.

The Benefits of Matte Blue Vinyl Wrapping

  • Instantly make your car look premium with unique colors that can be customized (unlike the stock paint which has a limited number of colors);
  • Protect your car against scratches and abrasion caused by a multitude of factors such as cleaning tools, pets, rings or bracelets, bike racks and more;
  • Advertise your business by including banner ads and text;
  • Save money by wrapping your car instead of getting a new paint job;
  • Keep the original paint looking like brand new for longer;
  • Maintain the value of your car so you can re-sell it for a better price.

Types of Vinyl Wraps

Based on the finish, you can choose between:

Gloss — they are the most common ones, and give the same appearance as a paint job. They reflect the light and make your car shine;

Gloss Metallic — similar to the previous type, just with some metallic flakes that are added and are slightly visible from a close distance. This adds more depth and looks similar to metallic paint;

Matte — they are exactly what the name suggests. These wraps will not make your ride look shiny, but rather the opposite. They absorb the light and give that specific matte look that will make your car stand out from the crowd. These wraps accentuate the body lines of the car and draw the attention towards the curves;

Matte Metallic — this is the option to choose in case you want a metallic look, but don’t like the glossy look. This type adds extra depth to the color and makes it more appealing and “dimensional”. Blue metallic looks really nice;

Satin — this type is basically in the middle between matte and gloss. So if you can’t decide which one to choose and want the best of both worlds, go with a satin wrap. Your car will look like it’s “wrapped in silk”.

Matte Blue Vinyl Film

This wrap has a smooth and subtle look that will catch the eyes of the people around without being too aggressive. Depending on the type you choose, the blue wrap can look bright and vivid, and have an intense shine in the sunlight (if you choose blue metallic), or you can go for the matte version for accentuating the curves.

Some of our previous clients have described it as “provocative and full of life” or “exciting and striking”. So you will definitely stand out with our matte blue vinyl wrap, but you can also check out our other colors and shades, including blue metallic.

But making your ride look more interesting is not the only reason to choose our vinyl matte blue wrap. This will also protect the paint of your car from UV rays for up to 12 years. Just imagine how the original paint would look after 12 years of no protection (faded and with lots of scratches), yet it will look brand new thanks to our wrap.

The cost of paint repair could be huge over the years, but in this case you are only paying once and then you are protected for many years to come.

Premium Car Wrap

Our team has years of experience in wrap application, so the installation will be smooth and perfect, plus we also offer 24/7 service maintenance, advice and technical support, and great prices.

You can also apply the wrap yourself, but that’s not recommended for someone with no experience. The installation needs to happen in air-tight and dust-proof areas, and you need to make it perfectly to not let any air bubbles inside. That’s why we recommend going to a specialized shop in order to get the film application perfect so it has the best quality and holds well for many years to come.

Matte Blue Car Wrap in Chicago

If you have decided to wrap your vehicle and you want to go with the matte blue option, then Tinting Chicago is here to assist you with the installation. Feel free to come to one of our shop, either at 3621 N Harlem Ave. or at W Grand Ave. in Chicago. You can also or call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 and ask for the price of the car wrap you have in mind.


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