Matte Blue Vinyl Wrap

The matte blue vinyl wrap is a series of durable dual cast car wrappings which were originally designed to provide the perfect distinction to your car. Whenever you wish to bring changes to your conventional routines, the vinyl wrappings we offer for citizens of Chicago, IL, are always a quick and affordable solution. With the vinyl wraps we offer for your car, you can be sure of creating an exceptional design for your vehicle.

This vinyl wrap is probably one of the most popular matte hues available for our clients. Like most of the matte wrappings, this particular color has a smooth and subtle look. Yet, it is also rather bright and vivid. When exposed to intensive sun or illumination, its glaring shine looks absolutely fantastic and spectacular. Many of our customers find it quite provocative and full of life. It is far from being pale or discreet. It is extremely exciting and striking, they comment.

The film is treated with a UV-resistant layer, protecting your matte blue vinyl wrap from fading up to 12 years of outdoor use. You can only guess how your brand new car’s paintwork will look like in 12 years! Not only will the colors fade, you are sure to get numerous scratches. The front parts of your exterior will show a great deal of wear due to over a decade of road debris. It will also probably happen to your door handles and mirrors as well as to most of the interior plastics and details. The cost of the paint repair may be absolutely enormous!

The matte blue vinyl wrap for your car will help you protect your vehicle’s body parts. This will keep your car’s resale cost from being reduced even after years of car use. Water and dirt, which causes corrosion, will simply have no access to your car exterior parts, while internal usage can provide the perfect scratch protection for most of the interior details. In addition, you can always change your vehicle’s look for any other new design, or even go back to your initial paintwork.

Due to pressure-activated self-adhesive technology the wrap is easily installed or taken down. The air drain micro channels allow fast and seamless applications. In Chicago, IL, we offer the blue vinyl wrap in rolls of various sizes. You can get premium vinyl films from top brands for any type of a vehicle. Our vinyl wrapping service maintenance line is available 24/7. You can always get our best advice and instructions as well as technical support.

If you decide to try the installation yourself, be sure to follow the basic requirements and read the instructions thoroughly. Normally, installations are performed in air-tight dust-proof areas, with the average temperature ranging from +16C up to +32C. Sometimes the temperature range may be wider though. Once the wrap is installed it is ready to use.  The matte blue vinyl wrap will show no stretching or peeling from extreme surroundings. This enables the film to be used for all types of vehicles including sport and race cars.

We offer our high quality eye-catching matte blue wrap for your car providing a stylish look to your ride as well as outstanding durability and performance. You also get the chance to protect your car from small road debris and save on repair costs. With us, you’ll get a top brand product along with highly-professional advice and instructions. Get more details from our Chicago, IL office.


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