Carbon Window Tint in Chicago: Get the High-End Film for Your Car!

Carbon window tint is one of the most technological and high quality films that is available on the market today. It contains millions of nano charcoal particles that charge the film with real superpowers! Making the window dark and protected from UV, glare and radiation, they allow perfect visibility, strength and durability. That is why carbon window tint is considered one of the best — and also one of the priciest ones. But here at Tining Chicago we offer its installation for competitive prices. And it takes only a couple of hours!

Carbon window tint film — treat your car’s windows with the state of the art technology

Carbon window tint is one of the latest discoveries of automotive window film manufacturers. Containing those precious carbon nano-particles, it delivers much better results in blocking solar energy, including UV rays and radiation. Providing better heat reduction than many other kinds of films (especially metallic or dyed), it literally makes your car cool inside. But it is also super strong and durable. This modern technological solution doesn’t block the signals of cell phones, GPS systems and radio reception (film is nonmetallic and doesn’t interfere with the waves).

4 reasons to choose carbon window tint

  1. It looks amazing on the windows. They get an expensive matte finish and provide a cool and private atmosphere inside of the car
  2. Carbon films from the top-manufacturers can block more than 40% of the harmful infrared light and 99% of UV-rays
  3. It doesn’t fade with time, protecting car interior from wear
  4. Carbon window tint film is super strong and protects windows from scratching and other damage, and keeps the glass from shattering in case of accidents.

Best brands of carbon window tint. Tinting Chicago installers’ choice

After 12 years of working with different types of window tints and brands, the Tinting Chicago professional team chose the two brands offering the highest quality and best price / functionality ratio: 3M and Rayno.

3M Fx Premium

Very good carbon window film series from one of the best manufacturers in the world, American company 3M. 

3M FX Premium gives your car a hot look from the outside, but cool and private atmosphere inside. 3M patented technology helps to keep the film from purpling and provides it extended durability. We can admit that this series of automotive carbon window tint delivers strong performance for an affordable price.

Specs of this automotive window tint film in numbers

  • 99% of ultraviolet light blockage
  • 44% of the total solar heat rejection
  • 91% of the glare from blinding sunlight reduction

Installed by 3M™ Authorized Dealer Installers such as Tinting Chicago, these series of carbon window tint are maintenance-free and backed up by a limited lifetime warranty.

Rayno Phantom S5

This type of film contains both charcoal and ceramic particles. Rayno Phantom S5 carbon window tint — a 2-ply nano-technology film with impressive characteristics. Nano-carbon particles provide dark color without sacrificing the clarity, while nano-ceramic particles give high levels of heat / UV protection as well as outstanding durability. It is shatter-proof and scratch resistant.

Specs of this automotive window tint film in numbers

  • 99% of ultraviolet rays rejection
  • 66% of total solar energy rejection (TSER)
  • 72% IR rejection
  • 1% of fading rate
  • 35 % better holds true color than the leading competitors (according to a 1000 hour test by the manufacturer).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is carbon or ceramic window tint better?

Ceramic tint is considered the best on the market, but it is also the most expensive one. The properties of carbon tint are quite a bit inferior to ceramics, but you can save on the price by choosing it. Also there are window tints which contain both carbon and ceramic particles, they combine all the pros of these materials. Good example of such window tint is Rayno’s Phantom series.

Is the carbon tint darker?

Yes, carbon tint looks darker than other types of automotive window tint thanks to dark charcoal particles. For example, with the same level of heat rejection and VLT carbon tint will look darker than ceramic window tint film.

How much does carbon tint cost?

At Tinting Chicago the most popular carbon window tint 3M FX Premium installation (full car except front windshield: all side windows + rear windshield) costs $249.99 for a sedan or coupe and $289.99 for an SUV.

Where can I get carbon window tint in Chicago?

Tinting Chicago is a certified installer that offers a range of top car window tinting services. We provide a lifetime warranty for the recommended carbon window tint products and we offer our customers a number of special packages for affordable prices. You can find us at 3621 N Harlem Ave and 2720 W Grand Ave or call at 773-455-0467 and 312-212-0493 24/7 with any questions.


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