Carbon Window Tint Installation

Carbon window tint film is your chance to get all the benefits offered by tinting your vehicle’s windows without the drawbacks of traditional dyed and metallic films. It contains nanoparticles of carbon and offers a high degree of protection against UV radiation and heat.

In simple terms, carbon tint film is the proof of technological advancement in the area of tinting. It provides you with all the benefits you should expect from premium-quality auto window film, including:

  • Blocking the dangerous sun radiation
  • Rejecting heat
  • Reflecting light
  • Granting you privacy
  • Saving your fuel

According to various test results, carbon film can block 99% of UV rays. Therefore, it is one of the most efficient methods you can use to protect your car from this harmful form of radiation. This will not only help you maintain the look of your upholstery. The most important advantage of UV rejection is the fact that it protects your health from the detrimental effects of those rays. One of the most important benefits you get from this is reducing the risk of skin cancer. This is especially important for those who spend much of their time driving during the day.

As carbon window tint film is not metalized, it doesn’t interfere with any electronic signals, so you can use any kind of gadget efficiently. Therefore, it effectively counters the biggest disadvantage of metallic tinting films. High quality of carbon tint film ensures its durability, so it won’t deteriorate as dyed films do. In essence, this type of film combines the best properties of other tinting films while having none of their disadvantages. In this regard, it’s similar to ceramic car tinting film.

However, there is one great advantage that carbon window tint has over its ceramic counterpart. It is less expensive. Therefore, if top of the line ceramic tinting is out of your financial reach, you can get your vehicle protected by installing carbon film. Yes, it will be a bit less efficient, but you will get sufficient protection from this option if you choose a film from a reliable manufacturer.

Carbon Window Tint Films: Options

The best brands that offer high-quality carbon car tints for a reasonable price are:

  • SunTek.
    SunTek’s Carbon line is renowned for its quality. These films are black and non-reflective. Therefore, they give your vehicle a very classy elegant look. The company offers a lifetime warranty. Note that the warranty covers fading, so you can be sure that your tint won’t deteriorate with time if it’s installed properly.
  • Xlint Tint.
    This brand offers Nano Hybrid Carbon series. These products are available in several colors and also come with a lifetime non-fade warranty. The company guarantees optical clarity of all their films.
  • Diamond Glass Tinting.
    This company is one of the leaders on the market. Its carbon product line includes several premium-quality films. The manufacturer offers an excellent warranty.
  • SolarGard.
    This renowned brand offers Solar Black, the darkest legal tint on the market. Be sure to check your state regulations before installing it. The product is perfect for those who value personal privacy and comfort above all else.
  • 3M.
    3M is the brand that has been the leader on the market for years. It offers premium-quality tints of any kind, including it Carbon Classic and Carbon Supreme. These films are almost as efficient as ceramic but are more affordable and much darker.
  • Platform9.
    This tint is for those who value looks and efficiency. It can make any vehicle stylish and protect you from solar radiation at the same time.

Tinting your car is a wise decision that will protect both your health and your wallet. While blocking out UV rays is essential, protecting your car from extreme heat is no less important. This will reduce the need for you to use the AC system, thereby making your vehicle more fuel-efficient.

We will provide you with the top-quality carbon tint and ensure that it’s installed perfectly and quickly. Our service offers a warranty that will protect your interests.


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