Tinting films are very popular these days and are used for extra protection, privacy and design upgrades. In order to fully reap the protection benefits of the tinting film, you must choose a high quality product from a trusted brand. From this article you will learn about the best auto tinting brands and get valuable tips for installing it here in Chicago.

The leading auto tinting film brands

3M Automotive Window Films

The 3M Company is a multinational conglomerate based in Maplewood, Minnesota and founded in 1902. It produces more than 60,000 products under different brands for worker safety, health care, various industries and consumer goods. The company was ranked 95 in the Fortune 500 list of US corporations in 2018, with a revenue of over $32 billion. Out of the multitude of products the company makes, we can find some of the best auto tinting films in the world.


Xpel is the world leading company for paint protection films, and it also makes quality window tinting films, ceramic coating, clear bra, and surface protection solutions. The Xpel products are designed for cars and boats, but also for homes, offices and commercial buildings.


Rayno Window Film was created with a vision to create a better life for people by protecting their vehicles and buildings, and ultimately their health and wellbeing. Their offer includes a wide variety of tinting films that are used and appreciated all over the world.


The company sells a wide variety of nano ceramic tinting films, carbon films, paint protection films, application kits, detailers kits, wheel protectants and detail sprays. Their mission is to protect vehicles from the sun, dirt and weather elements, whether we are talking about passenger cars or racing cars. Motoshield products were successfully used in professional racing leagues such as Nascar Truck Series and the Baja 500, and they were the first to create a ceramic coating that was tunnel tested. Results shown that their product reduced wind drag by 4% at speeds over 75 mph.


The Llumar tinting films are made by the Eastman Chemical Company, an American company founded in 1920 which produces a wide variety of materials and chemicals in different niches. The business now employs over 14,500 people in multiple countries, and sells its products in more than 100 countries. The Llumar brand was established in 1977, and includes protection films for vehicles, as well as commercial and residential buildings.

Other brands worth mentioning are SunTek, Madico, Lexen, and True Line. After trying multiple films and getting feedback from our clients, we chose to work with two of these brands: 3M and Rayno.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which auto tinting film brand is better: 3M or Llumar?

Both of them are high quality auto tinting film brands which come with a limited lifetime warranty when installed by a professional company such as ours. They offer UV rays rejection of up to 99% and a similar reduction of heat. The 3M films are slightly better at reducing glare, while the Llumar ones are easier to install and a bit more affordable.

What auto tinting film brands can I get in Chicago?

Tinting Chicago offers professional installation of the top industry films — 3M and Rayno. All of them come with lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling or fading.

Is 3M window tint the best?

3M is one of the leading companies that makes tinting films, and their products have great reviews, both from dealers and customers. No one can say for sure which is the best tinting brand in the world, but 3M is definitely among the top 3.


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