Get Barricade Graphics: Quality Signage for Construction Sites & Malls

Wall graphics are applied to plywood barricades in malls and shopping centers to cordon off the affected area and let the general public know that construction is underway. They are a temporary solution that achieves two deliverables: brightening up the appearance of construction sites and informing foot traffic of upcoming developments.

Barricade graphics can be custom-designed quickly to meet the specific needs of various customers. Construction barricades frequently feature the name and logo of the company concerned, as well as a key communications message.

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4 applications for barricade graphics

Barricade graphics are used in shopping malls and on construction sites to cover plywood barricades and convey the following types of messages:

  1. New store opening soon
  2. Renovation in progress
  3. Event coming soon
  4. Display advertising for associated products

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of a construction site graphic?

A construction site graphic is used to improve the look of a construction site and to let passers-by know what is going on inside. Typically, it lets customers know what is being built behind the barricade and how long the process will take.

Are construction site graphics easily removed?

Yes, construction site graphics are designed to be temporary and can therefore be easily removed. It's possible to remove or replace the graphic without destroying the barricade.

Are graphics on construction sites effective?

Well-designed graphics on a construction site can be very effective in delivering a message to passers-by. Once members of the general public know what is going on, they are more likely to be more sympathetic towards the inconvenience of construction and renovation.


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