Bronze Car Window Tint

Bronze car window tint: A winning solution for your car?

Over the years, countless drivers have opted for bronze film when it comes to window tinting to transform the appearance of a car.  But with so many bronze automotive window tints on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one. This article runs through the basics of bronze window tinting and how to choose a quality window film for your car.

What is bronze car window tint?

Window tinting is the process of installing a thin laminate film onto automotive window glass to darken or color it. Car window tinting film comes in a wide variety of colors, shades, and materials.

Of the various color options available, bronze window film is one of the most popular. On the right car, bronze makes a great alternative to the usual dark tint or silver tint.

Why choose bronze car window tint?

Generally speaking, all types of automotive window tint offer the same basic benefits for you and your vehicle. These include:

  • Protection for you, your passengers, and your car interior from the harmful effects of UV rays;
  • Reduce glare;
  • Enhance security and privacy;
  • Reject solar heat, making your car more efficient by ensuring it stays cool on hot days.

Where different types of window film differ is in the balance of these beneficial properties. And, of course, the overall look the window tinting creates…

The benefits of bronze car window tint

In terms of performance, a quality bronze car window tint can be the ideal solution as it offers a good balance between the different benefits outlined above. 

On one hand, bronze film offers excellent solar heat rejection and a layer of privacy.

At the same time, compared to some other types of window film, it doesn’t interfere with natural light too much and allows a decent amount of visible light to pass through the window. (For this reason, bronze tint is also popular for architectural applications such as shower doors as it allows more clarity in the glass while maintaining a sense of privacy).

Visually, bronze film has long proven one of the classic color choices for automotive windows to help make a car stand out. It can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your whole vehicle by adding a subtle copper look or kind of “sand-blasted” effect to your windows. 

Which bronze window tint should I choose?

If you’ve settled for the bronze tint look, the next step is choosing the right window film for your vehicle. 

At Tinting Chicago, we offer a variety of bronze films from the top brands on the market:

  • Llumar; 
  • 3M.

Types of bronze film

Most of the bronze window films on the market are either metallic and hybrid.


Some bronze tints come in the form of a metallic film. This type of film is durable and highly effective at UV and heat rejection. The metallic glow of such films can also give your vehicle a distinctive style. However, sometimes metallic films can interfere with electronic signals and affect the performance of cell phones and other gadgets. 


Hybrid films are made of combined metalized and dyed materials for all-around performance. For example, Llumar High-Performance Bronze Window is a hybrid dyed tint that uses metalized aluminum. Unlike metallic films, this type of auto tint does not interfere with electronic devices.

The right amount of visible light

Another important factor to consider when choosing a bronze tint is the darkness of the tint. This is measured in terms of VLT (visible light transmission).

Darker bronze tints with a lower VLT percentage let in less light. This impacts how well the driver can see, glare reduction, as well as the appearance of the car.  Popular bronze films such as Llumar may come in a variety of VLT options such as 23%, 38%, and 55%.

Don’t forget local auto tint laws…

Remember, as well as choosing the right bronze shade for your needs, you will also have to ensure that the VLT rating complies with automotive window tinting laws in your state.

Our services

Still not sure exactly which is the right solution for you?

Don’t worry, Tinting Chicago technicians can guide you through the menu of different options available to help you pick the best bronze window film.

Once you’ve selected the right window film, our qualified specialists can install it on your vehicle to the highest standards to transform your car with a new look in just a few hours.

The starting price for the whole vehicle? Just $199,99! Contact us for more information.

* This service by a special request only, please call us for details.

** Limited 1 year warranty.


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