A wrap is a thin film added over the original paint of a vehicle in order to change the appearance but also to protect it. It can be added both on the interior and the exterior, either on certain parts or the entire surface. The bronze vinyl wrap is one of the most popular options, so keep on reading to learn more and get yours applied by a professional.

Why would you need a bronze vinyl wrap?


The main reason why people do vehicle wrapping is to make their ride look more interesting and unique. Bronze wraps work great for show cars or tuned ones, but they can also be used by regular car owners to make their ride stand out from the crowd.

Cheaper than paintwork

Full vehicle wraps are much easier to do and more affordable than a full repaint. The process of repainting is more complex, it can affect the car warranty and it can’t be undone. On the other hand, vehicle wrapping can be removed at any time in order to get back to the original paint.


Bronze is a color that symbolizes strength, loyalty, stability, and support. It gives a warm and classy presence, being soothing, inspiring, uplifting, and motivational. It is a comforting and elegant color that can truly make your car stand out from the crowd.

The main benefits of a bronze vinyl wrap

To sum things up, here is how a bronze wrapping film can be beneficial:

  • Gives a classy, elegant, and eye-catching look
  • Offers protection against scratches
  • Offers protection against road debris damage
  • Offers protection against corrosion and fading
  • It is a cheaper alternative to paint
  • It’s easy to apply and remove

Protect the original paint on the long term

The bronze wrap will not just make your ride look beautiful, but it will also protect it in the long term. Road debris damage and scratches are quite common, and they are expensive to fix, especially on premium cars.

But with full vehicle wraps you are also protected against fading, corrosion, and staining. The fading is caused by the UV rays of the sun, and a vinyl wrap has the purpose of protecting the original paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best bronze vinyl wrap?

Over the years, here at Tinting Chicago, we have tested multiple wrapping brands. Based on the feedback from our experts and our clients, we came to the conclusion that some of the best brands are 3M and Avery. We are only using them in our shops now, and they are available in multiple types and colors.

For how long does a bronze wrap last?

If you take good care of your vehicle and no accidents happen, then a wrap can last for about 5 years. Out of them, 2 years are covered by our warranty. Even though full vehicle wraps are a bit expensive, they are definitely worth it in the long term, saving you a lot of repair costs and keeping the resale value of the car high.

Can I apply the car wrap myself?

The process has to be done in the right conditions, at a specific temperature, and with a lot of patience and attention. The better it is applied, the more it will last, so that’s why it’s recommended to get the help of a specialist. Tinting Chicago is here to assist you with all of your wrapping and tinting needs. You can find us at 3621 N Harlem Ave and 2720 W Grand Ave, or call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.


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