Seeing a house with bronze-colored windows, many people want to repeat it precisely because it is beautiful. But there are other reasons why a bronze sun control window film in the house is a good solution. The light refracted through a bronze filter creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in the space. Moreover, the film has protective properties and other useful properties. Bronze privacy window film is the most popular residential colored solution for the windows among Tinting Chicago clients. Read more for details, pricing, and best brands.

You will be surprised how easy to change your home for the best with bronze window film

The main advantage of the bronze film for windows is that it does not look colored or very dark, but as if it refracts the natural smooth color, making it softer, and more muted. That is why the bronze tint looks natural and earthy.

At the same time, it makes it difficult for strangers to gaze at the insides of the house, increasing the degree of daytime privacy. Moreover, the window film provides glare reduction and rejects solar energy, so you can save money on AC bills.

The solar bronze window film can be used for any type of windows, front doors, bathroom windows, home office, partition inside the house, or stained glass decoration.

Best brands of Bronze window films

In Tinting Chicago we offer 3 brands we choose to work with: 3M, SOLYX, and Suntek. These products look amazing both in interior and exterior, provide a high level of durability, UV rays protection, and heat control. Plus, these films come with a warranty of up to 10 years.

The most popular brand of bronze window films among our clients is SunTek.

What are the benefits of bronze window tint?

  • Creates a cozy, harmonious atmosphere in the home, filled with copper shades of light
  • Gives the building from the outside a laconic new look
  • High heat rejection. The window film reflects up to 78% of solar heat
  • Solar control and UV-blocking. The window tinting film blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays harmful to people, furniture, and interior details
  • Combines well with natural materials of the facade and decoration

Choosing a bronze window film for your home please mind a level of VLT (Visual Light transmission). To clear the difference, let’s compare two products of SunTek bronze window films, recommended by Tinting Chicago.

% Visible Light


% Total solar transmission % Ultraviolet protection % Total Solar

heat rejection

SunTek IDS 35 Bronze 43 32 99 60
SunTek IDS 20 Bronze 25 16 99 75

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bronze window tint?

Bronze window tint is an architectural finish for the windows and glass doors, creating a stylish look of the building from outside and harmonizing space inside with natural copper light.

Can window film damage windows?

You can remove the film any time you want and it will not leave any marks on the glass. What's more, the high-quality film protects the glass from scratches and makes it more durable.

What is the most popular bronze window film?

The most popular bronze window film among Tinting Chicago clients is the SunTek InfinityDS™ Series. It is not an expensive, good-looking, high-quality sun control decorative product.
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