Auto Window Tinting Removal

One of the major questions car owners have about tinting the windows of their vehicles is whether the film can be removed safely. It is a valid concern because some of the products available on the market are of low quality and they will change color and be otherwise damaged with time. This will affect the visibility and increase the risk of an accident. Of course, you’ll need to do something about this situation, and buying a new vehicle definitely isn’t the best solution for such a minor problem. Luckily for you, removing car window tint is possible. You can either do this yourself or employ our professional service to do this quickly and efficiently.

We can remove any kind of film, regardless of how old and damaged it is, quickly and leave your windows looking as good as new.

How to Remove Car Tint

Should you decide to attempt the removal on your own, there are several methods you can use. They are:

  1. Ammonia and sun.
    If you choose this method, you‘ll need a couple of black garbage bags, a spray filled with soapy water, some undiluted ammonia, a super-fine steel tool, a nice warm and very sunny day.

    1. Cut the trash bags to the shape of your car windows.
    2. Spray soapy water on the outside of the window and cover it with the first piece of the trash bag.
    3. Cover all the interior surfaces of the vehicle and spray undiluted ammonia on the inner surface of the window (wear a face mask and protective gloves when working with chemicals).
    4. Place the second piece of trash bag over the ammonia-covered surface as quickly as possible.
    5. Leave the car out in the sunlight for an hour.
    6. Use a razor blade to pick the corner of the film and carefully peel it off. Keep the film moist with ammonia to facilitate the process.
    7. Clean off the remaining adhesive from the window.
  2. Steamer.
    This method is the easiest, so if you don’t have a fabric steamer, consider borrowing or renting one to remove the car tint quickly. Turn it to full power and steam the film. Eventually, the glue will melt and you’ll be able to peel it off. Clean the windows and you are done.

Although there are several more methods, these two are most efficient and safe to use. However, you need to know that removing car tinting from side windows will be more difficult if you heat them. You should do this with your car parked in the shade. Take some soapy water and a razor and peel off the film carefully. Spray it to make the process smoother.

Car window tint removal will be easy if you use the right kind of film from the beginning. There are a great variety of these products available, and some of them are designed to be easy to peel off. The high-quality films are reusable, so you can apply and remove them at your convenience. You can use this option to determine whether you will be comfortable when installing the tinting permanently.

Shop for removable window tint as you would for any other product. Do some research to find out your options and study customer reviews. Some of these products are difficult to handle and might end up damaging your windows. Therefore, you should be careful.

Professional Car Window Tinting Removal

Our trained technicians can remove and replace any film. If you entrust this task to us, you can be sure that you will avoid scratching the window and any other unfortunate accidents. Car tint removal cost ranges between $100 and $150. This expense is well-justified if you need to remove the old and heavily-deteriorated film as these are extremely hard to manage.


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