Bonnet And Hood Wraps

Wrapping your hood with a carbon fiber vinyl wrap looks really awesome. Chicago drivers prefer applying vinyl to this part of their vehicles for several reasons. First of all, the bonnet is normally wide enough for a nice and appealing decal. You can always realize a unique and adorable design on its surface. You can also be sure of becoming a head-turner as it is visible to everyone. Additionally, you get the perfect protective solution to one of the most exposed parts of your car. While the back and sides of your vehicle may still be in good shape, the hood as a rule may already show some slight signs of wear caused by road debris.

Carbon car hood vinyl wrap offers the chance to change the style of your vehicle’s bonnet quickly at a reasonable price. The pressure-activated adhesives allow the re-using or repositioning of the film, making the installation process easy even for newbies. Available in diverse sizes, the film can easily wrap any type of hood, no matter how curved its surface is. As long as it is not porous and provided the installation instructions are followed carefully, you can avoid the bubble effect.

We offer high-quality carbon fiber vinyl wraps for car owners in Chicago, IL. Our products come from the world’s top manufacturers and brands so you can always be sure of their perfect performance. Our customers may choose between a vast variety of carbon vinyl effects and colors, including gloss and matte carbon. These films are always vibrant, vivid and provide a sporty and dynamic look to any vehicle. If you want to look distinctive, be sure to wrap your vehicle’s hood with a carbon vinyl film.

The wide range of carbon vinyl skin kits we offer is able to transform your hood into one that will look as if it was made of real carbon.

How to Wrap Your Vehicle’s Hood

Normally, the process of creating a carbon fiber vinyl wrap hood does not differ much from a procedure performed for other parts of your vehicle’s body. Once you’ve provided the required dust-proof conditions and have prepared the surface for wrapping, you may start applying the film. Cut a piece which is slightly bigger in size than your bonnet actually is. Afterward, place the film onto the surface so you can cut out the shape of your hood. Do not remove the backing yet. After you’ve cut out the needed shape of the film, you can start taking down the backing and begin applying it to the surface. Now, use a squeegee to push out the air bubbles. Do it thoroughly and use a heat gun while going around sharp corners. Once you’ve got rid of the bubbles, start cutting down the leftovers. Use a Stanley knife or any other sharp bladed tool. On the leading edges of complex shapes, be sure to use a primer and a heat gun. This will ensure the vinyl wrap sticks firmly to the hood’s surface.

Benefits of Wrapping Your Hood

Our professional Chicago, IL team is well-experienced in carbon fiber vinyl wrapping for hoods. We are able to come up with a solution for any car. The benefits of wrapping your car’s bonnet are as follows:

  • You add a sporty and dynamic look to your car, even with a partial application.
  • You create additional protection for the part of your vehicle most prone to wear against all types of road debris.
  • You get a better resale value for your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle’s paintwork is safe and secured from dirt, oil, stones, etc.
  • A wide choice of colors and textures for your car’s appearance.
  • Creating an distinctive head-turning style for your vehicle’s exterior.
  • You can always remove the old wrapping and create a new design.


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