Chrome Mirror Gold Vinyl Wrap

Pay attention to our luxurious chrome mirror gold vinyl wrap. It offers a unique combination of golden luxury and style. Your car has never had such a shine before. You can add an exceptional sporty look to your car with our chrome mirror gold vinyl wrap we sell in Chicago, IL. The mirror effect provides a natural chrome appearance. The film is easily applied to any body part of your car, providing it with the perfect finish.

This is a newly designed vinyl car wrap. Its pressure-activated technology offers a quick and easy installation process, while the air drain micro channels provide the possibility to re-use or reposition the film as well as avoid the bubble effect. You get an absolutely exotic finish with this durable dual cast vinyl wrap. Furthermore, if you suddenly decide to change your style or simply go back to your original paint, the removal won’t take long nor spoil your paintwork.

The chrome mirror gold vinyl wrap looks absolutely stunning and breathtaking. Our Chicago, IL clients prefer it for its exceptional glamor and perfect golden shine. It looks rich, luxurious and elegant. Many say this color makes them feel like movie stars. Even a conventional car can acquire a more expensive look and turn into a small masterpiece.

This wrap comes in rolls of various sizes, making it possible to cover any surface irrespective of your car size. We provide high quality products from renowned manufacturers. The surface of the film has a protective layer which is removed after installation. This protects the film from minor accidental damage, so you can always be sure of a top quality appearance for your car. The film easily goes around any surfaces, including the more curved ones. It can be easily stretched when heated, which makes the process of installation effortless and fun.

The average interior warranty reaches up to 12 years, while the outdoor use warranty is 5 years. Of course, professional installation is highly recommended. For this reason, feel free to contact our Chicago, IL maintenance team. We are always ready to come with useful advice and professional assistance.

The UV-protected chrome mirror gold vinyl wrap for your car will provide excellent protection for your original paint, preventing corrosion and fading. Your details will be safely hidden behind this durable, scratch-resistant, and dirt-repellant material. You can be sure of your car’s high resale value even after years of use. The adhesives used for this film do not spoil the painted surfaces nor stick to them after removal.

To apply the wrap on your surfaces, be sure to follow the basic instructions. They are as follows:

  • Clean the surfaces with cleaning, ammonia-free agents.
  • Dry out and degrease the surfaces.
  • Provide an air-tight and drought-free area for installation.
  • Stick to the temperature range, which is between +16C and +32C.
  • Use the heat gun to go around tight corners.

The main features of the chrome mirror gold vinyl wrap we offer for our Chicago, IL customers are:

  • High performance and top quality product.
  • Long-term warranty ranging from 5 to 12 years.
  • UV-protection layer filtering out radiation and preventing the original paintwork fading.
  • Water-resistant and dirt-repellant layers preventing corrosion.
  • Self-adhesive and pressure-activated technology for quick installation and painless removal.

Our chrome mirror gold vinyl wrap is one of the latest automotive products for vehicle customization and style enhancement. It is an effective way to add luxury and individuality to your ride as well as to provide it with extra protection. The wraps do not require special treatment and can be washed with water and soap, making it as easy to take care of as possible. You won’t feel any difference in your daily routines once the wraps are installed. What you are sure to feel instead is the attention of your friends or neighbors who are amazed by your vehicle’s new style.


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