Gold Window Tint Service

Gold window tint gives your vehicle a stylish classy look that is sure to make an impression. However, adding aesthetic appeal to your car is not the only reason to install this film. The benefits it offers to your health and overall comfort should not be underestimated.

  • Protection from UV rays.
    High-quality gold window tint protects you and your passengers from the dangers of sun radiation. Exposure to UV rays increases the risk of skin cancer exponentially and speeds up the process of aging. If you need to spend a lot of your time driving, protecting your vehicle is a must. You can also install similar tint at home in order to stay protected at all times.
  • Protection from heat.
    No tinting is good enough to prevent your car from heating up on a hot summer day. However, premium-quality films reject enough of sun energy in order to make your vehicle merely hot, instead of a blazing inferno. Heat rejection factor varies from film to film, so choose wisely.
  • Increased privacy and security.
    Reflective gold window tint is more efficient privacy-wise. However, any kind of tinting offers some measure of it because it prevents people from easily seeing inside your vehicle. In addition, a window covered by a film is not as easy to break, so your security increases.
  • Upholstery protection.
    Without any protection from the merciless sunlight, parts of your upholstery most exposed to sunlight will fade and crack fast. Tinting will effectively prevent this.

As you can see, gold window tint is not only beautiful but also very helpful. However, it will look and perform properly only if it’s installed perfectly. Even a minor mistake during the installation process will affect the efficiency and durability of the film. Therefore, it’s always best to entrust this task to professionals.

Our highly-qualified technicians will be able to install any kind of film perfectly, providing your car windows with a luxurious golden glow for a reasonable price.


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