Limousine Wrap: Totally Transform Your Vehicle in One Day!

Vinyl wraps for limousines are graphically designed films that are stretched over the bodywork of a vehicle to create a transformative look, without causing damage to the paintwork underneath. 

If you are the owner of an older limousine, you may be looking to cover up scratches, dints, and imperfections on the bodywork. If you have a brand new limousine, you may want to protect the pristine paintwork.  Either way, a limousine vinyl wrap makes a lot of sense.

The size and length of limousines make them the perfect mobile billboard for promoting a brand or business. After all, a beautiful fully wrapped, eye-catching limo cruising around town rarely fails to turn heads!

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Why wrap a limousine?

Some limousines are simply a luxury form of transport used to chauffeur dignitaries and business executives between the office and the airport or from one meeting to another. Their unrivaled internal space and superior level of comfort make them popular with the rich and famous. Full or partially wrapped limousines enable owners to subtly brand their vehicles and make them instantly recognizable.

Limousines are also hired for one-off events, such as weddings, birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or prom nights. They are perfect for these large fun group events because they accommodate upwards of 10 people and they also allow passengers to legally consume alcohol in the back seats.  

The limousine rental market is highly competitive so it’s critical that your vehicle stands out from the crowd, both on your website and on social media.  What better way to draw in prospective clients than with a creative and memorable wrap?

6 benefits of wrapping a limousine

  1. Ensure your limo is noticed
  2. Promote your business
  3. Stand out on social media
  4. Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors
  5. Appeal to a certain segment of the market
  6. Give your fleet of limos a uniform look

Why are limousine wraps so effective?

The large surface area of limousines makes them ideal for vinyl wraps. Unlike conventional cars, there’s plenty of space on a limousine to apply an intricate or highly creative design to give maximum impact. The fact that limousines are relatively rare vehicles means that they draw attention. Why not ensure that you are delivering an effective brand message when passers-by cast their eyes on your vehicle?

Limousine vinyl wrap finishes

As well as choosing a great design, there’s also the question of what finish you are going to have on your vinyl wrap. There are many to choose from — all give a particular look and feel to your vehicle:

Limousine wrap: partial or full?

The question of whether to opt for a full or partial wrap often comes down to budget. There’s no doubt that a full limousine wrap creates a big, bold statement. Applying a vinyl wrap design to the roof, doors, hood, trunk, and bumpers of a limousine will almost guarantee your vehicle will be noticed in the street. 

A partial wrap is more subtle and only applied to most central and visible parts of a car, such as the doors, hood, and back windscreen. When designed cleverly and thoughtfully, a partial wrap can have almost as much advertising cut-through as a full wrap but for considerably less cost.

Copy to include when wrapping a limo

For best cut through it’s best to keep the copy on a limousine wrap to a minimum and let the graphics do the talking! There’s often not enough time for passers-by to read whole sentences on a limo wrap.

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Social media handles
  • Tagline

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a limo wrap damage the paintwork?

No, a vinyl wrap will not damage the paintwork on your limo. When professionally applied and removed, vinyl wraps actually protect the paintwork from scratches and chips rather than damaging the paintwork.

How long will a vinyl wrap on a limo last?

A high-quality limousine wrap will last between 5 and 7 years depending on how it is looked after and maintained. A vinyl-wrapped vehicle should never be put through an automated car wash or waxed clean. Dirt, oil, and spills should also be removed from vinyl as quickly as possible. Manufacturers that we work with provide a 2-year film guarantee. Plus, a 2-year Tinting Chicago warranty for the quality of the installation!

Is a wrap or decal on a limousine easily removable?

Yes, vinyl wrap is easily removed from limousines without causing any lasting damage to the paintwork. It will only take a professional a couple of hours to remove a full vinyl wrap from a limousine.


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