Matte Silver Vinyl Wrap

Do you remember how you bought your car? How many colors did you have to choose from? Not too many, right? You probably noticed that the car manufacturers seldom offer too many unconventional colors. The average customer normally cares less about the exterior style of the car. As a rule, people want a spacy reliable vehicle with moderate consumption and a bunch of modern electronic features.

But what if you suddenly want to stand out of the crowd? Is there a chance to state your personality by enhancing your car’s appearance? Of course there is. And it is quite a promising one. With the vinyl wraps we offer for your car, you can always provide an exceptional design to your vehicle as well as look different from the rest of the crowd. So, if adding freshness to your daily routines is something you are struggling for, why not change your vehicle’s appearance then? Strange as it may seem, that is an inexpensive and fast option today.

The matte silver vinyl wrap is probably one of the most popular silver hues available for Chicago, IL customers. It is not as vibrant as some other flashy colors, providing a smooth and gentle look. It is more reserved and discreet, rather than dry or pale. This color is generally preferred by people who do not want to show off like youngsters, but do care about their style and individuality.

Our specifically designed matte silver vinyl wrap for your car offers you a brilliant chance to change the style of your vehicle. The pressure-activated adhesives allow the re-using and repositioning of the film, making the installation process much quicker. Available in various sizes, it can easily wrap any part of your car’s interior and exterior, no matter how tricky its form may look like. As long as it is not porous, you can avoid the bubble effect, provided the installation instructions are followed carefully.

Our professional Chicago, IL team has many years of experience in car wrapping, so we are able to come with a solution for any of your requests. The obvious benefits of wrapping your car, fully or partially, are as follows:

  • You can change your vehicle’s color.
  • You save money getting a professional wrapping as opposed to a professional painting.
  • The parts of your car become better protected, providing a better resale value.
  • Your paintwork is safe and secured from dirt, oil, stones, etc.
  • You get a much wider choice of colors as well as textures for your car’s appearance.
  • The wrap adds luxury and individuality to your vehicle, making it more appealing and eye-catching.
  • The surface of your car is not affected by the vinyl wrap and can be easily removed within a few hours.

Normally, the matte silver vinyl wrap we offer for your car is a dual cast film, which when applied to the vehicle’s interior or exterior surfaces, provides brilliant durability as well as scratch-resistant protection. No lamination is required for the surface once it is coated with the film. You virtually get an extra protection layer for your car, preventing damage from dust, UV rays, excessive sun, and many other factors which will influence the original paintwork.

Citizens of Chicago, IL can get premium vinyl films from top brands specially designed for any types of vehicles. As opposed to repainting, which actually decreases the price of your vehicle; wrapping provides an opportunity to prevent paint ageing, thus saving the original paintwork, which will definitely add to your vehicle’s resale value. Most of the road debris simply has no access to your car’s surface, providing safety and protection against corrosion, scratches, bitumen stains, etc.
Another advantage is that you can always go back to your original color by simply removing the whole wrapping, or you can also fix a damaged area by removing only some part of it. The adhesives do not stick to your car’s surface, even after years of use. Restyling and maintenance have never been easier with the vinyl wraps we offer. We work with top manufacturers and suppliers, so you can always count on getting a quality product, as well as superb assistance.

In addition, the film is coated with a UV-resistant layer, protecting your matte silver vinyl wrap from fading up for to 10 years of outdoor use. Just try and imagine what will happen to your brand new car’s paintwork in ten years! Fading is far from being the only negative effect. You are sure to get a number of scratches and oil stains, caused by road debris. The front parts of your exterior, such as the hood, fenders, and the plastic bumper will definitely show a great wear. The same is likely to happen to your door handles and mirrors as well as to most of the interior plastics and details. Now, just try and calculate the paint repair cost! And even if you paint your car, you are sure to have its resale cost reduced, while the original paintwork is always highly valued.

You can easily avoid all these troubles by simply protecting your vehicle with the vinyl wraps we offer for your car. In addition, you’ll get a perfect silver matte finish which will make your car look more expensive and luxurious. By installing this outstanding vinyl wrap you get protection and distinguished style at the same time. With us, you’ll save time and money while still creating a unique design and the perfect look for your vehicle, combined with high performance and premium quality. Get more details on matte silver vinyl wraps for your car from our Chicago, IL office.


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