Silver Vinyl Wrap To Protect Your Car And Make It Look Better

A wrap is a thin film that is added over the surface of a car in order to improve its look and also to protect the original paint. It can be added over the entire car or just on specific parts, both on the exterior and the interior. The matte silver wrap is one of the top choices here at Tinting Chicago because of its exquisite look. 

Why would you need a silver wrap?

Whether they use their car for daily activities or they take part in tuning shows, people choose to wrap their vehicle to make it look more interesting, unique and to stand out among the others. 

Usually, new cars do not come with very nice color choices as this is not a priority for manufacturers. But with the help of vinyl wrapping, you can make your car so much more interesting, without having to repaint it.

The matte silver wrap is a popular choice because it really makes the car more visually pleasing, without making it stand out too much like it’s the case of a vivid green or pink.

This color is best suited for those who care about style and individuality, without wanting to show off too much. It provides a smooth and discreet look, while still making people turn their heads to admire it. 

Silver vinyl wrap: long term paint protection

With silver wrapping, you are not only making your car look cooler, but you are also protecting it. Road debris can cause scratches and damage over the years, and the film offers a good layer of protection. The original paint is also safe against corrosion and staining.

Secondly, the film also offers protection against the dangerous UV rays. In the long term, they can really damage both the exterior and the interior, and also lead to color fading. A wrap can offer protection for up to 10 years, so just imagine how the original paint would look after this time with no protection.

The benefits of a silver vinyl wrap

Whether you choose to wrap just certain parts of the car, or the full vehicle, this process will help you to:

  • Improve appearance and style
  • Protect and maintain the original paint on the long term
  • Keep the resale value of the car high
  • Easily remove it when you get bored with it and want to get a new color or to return to the original paint

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best silver vinyl wrap?

Based on multiple years of experience, we can definitely name two of the top brands. These are 3M and Avery, and are exactly the brands that we are using right now in our shops. Our clients were very satisfied, and so will you.

Does wrapping your car void warranty?

No, it doesn’t, and wrapping actually helps to protect the original paint. On the other hand, painting your car in a new color, or even just using paint stripes or a painted logo can actually affect the warranty.

Can I apply the silver wrap myself?

You can, if you have the right experience. If you have never done car wrapping before, then the process will seem long and complicated. This is why it’s better to leave this job to a professional. We have all the needed tools and conditions to apply the wrap perfectly. Tinting Chicago is here to help, and you can find us at 3621 N Harlem Ave. and 2720 W Grand Ave., or call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.


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