Vinyl Wrapping Motorcycles

Vinyl wraps for motorcycles have become more popular than wrapping any other type of vehicle. Motorcycle vinyl wraps and decals add individual style to any motorcycle or a bike which is what many bikers are fond of. The vinyl wrap features a series of durable dual cast wrappings which were originally designed to provide the perfect distinction to your vehicle. If you wish to bring changes to your conventional routines, the vinyl wrappings we offer for citizens of Chicago are always a quick and cost efficient solution. With the vinyl wraps we offer for your motorcycles, you can be sure of creating an exceptional design and a unique appearance.

Normally, the wraps used for motorcycles are the same type as those used for conventional cars or trailers. The motorcycle film is treated with a UV-resistant layer, protecting your original paintwork from fading for up to 3 to 12 years of outdoor use. At our custom bike vinyl wrap service, we offer a wide series of wrapping kits for all types of motorcycles: choppers, jet-skis, motorbikes, scooters, mopeds, etc.

The vinyl wrap for your bike can provide protection for all of its body parts. This will keep your bike’s resale cost from being reduced even after years of use. Water and dirt, which causes corrosion, will simply have less access to your bike. You will also get a perfect scratch protection. But what is most important and useful is that you can always change your motorbike into a unique ride with a new and fresh design.

Due to pressure-activated self-adhesive technology, the wrap can be easily installed or taken down. The air drain micro-channels allow fast and seamless applications. In Chicago, we offer the bike wrap in rolls of various sizes. You can get premium vinyl films from top brands. Our custom bike vinyl wrap service line is available 24/7. You can always get our best advice and instructions as well as professional technical support.

Why Wrap a Bike?

The main benefits from wrapping your motorcycle are as follows:

  • A unique possibility to change your bike’s appearance.
  • A much lower price as compared to conventional painting.
  • The time it takes to do the wrapping is much shorter than the time for painting jobs.
  • Maintaining your bike’s resale value and protecting its body parts from excessive use.
  • No special treatment required. High-quality vinyl wraps only need a hand wash once a week.
  • Absolutely endless options for customizing your bike. The vinyl has more possibilities than a conventional paint.

How to Wrap Your Bike

Our Chicago clients can always count on getting a professional custom motorcycle vinyl wrap service. However, most of the products we deal with are DIY, so you can always try and do the procedure yourself. However, following the basic instructions is absolutely necessary. Some of the useful installation tips are as follows:

  • Provide the appropriate temperature conditions.
    Normally, the vinyl film is installed at a temperature ranging from +16C up +32C.
  • Provide a dust-free area.
    This is a very important point. You must avoid any dust falling in-between the folio and the vinyl film. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the whole process as well as losing your warranty.
  • Prepare the surfaces.
    It is recommended to wash the surfaces with a mild soap-and-water solution before applying any degreasing agents. The surface has to be 100 percent dry before installation.
  • Follow the instructions.
    Despite the fact that most of the vinyl films are very similar, there might still be some slight differences and peculiarities in their installations. For this reason, we strongly recommend following the manual strictly, otherwise feel free to contact our Chicago maintenance team for a bike vinyl wrap service.

What Else Can Be Wrapped

Apart from the bike’s body, you can also treat your helmet with a wrapping film. This will help to create an all-in-one image and underline your individual style and appearance. Your friends and neighbors will be stunned by your new fashion. If your motorcycle is equipped with leather seats, you can protect them from excessive use by coating them with the vinyl wrap. With this durable protective layer, you do not have to worry about rain or extensive sun rays. Your leather will stay protected and safe. Finally, you can always treat your bike’s rims with the vinyl film. This always adds to the general image of your ride and provides exceptional style.


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