Orange Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

The fact that vinyl wraps have become renown among Chicago, IL car owners can easily be explained. The possibilities provided by its original qualities are absolutely fascinating. An average car may suddenly acquire the expensive appearance of a luxury ride, as well as become better protected from shallow paintwork damage.

The 3D carbon fiber vinyl wrap is probably the most popular type you can get today. The 3D effect provides a genuine carbon look, which adds exceptional texture to your vehicle. In fact, the 3D carbon vinyl can hardly be distinguished from real carbon. That’s a big attraction to many customers. Previously, the manufacturers used to print 2D carbon vinyl wraps, which were a pitiful, cheap copy of the original material. Now, we offer 3D carbon fiber wraps for your cars which perfectly resemble the carbon structure.

A car which has been treated with our matte orange vinyl wrap will make an unforgettable impression. This soft and flexible material provides a customized look to any vehicle, irrespective of its type or size. Most of all, our clients prefer combining the orange wrap with other colors, creating amazing contrasts and unbelievable color combinations. If you want to make a unique project, be sure to use the orange carbon wrap!

Like most of the vinyl wraps, the orange carbon fiber vinyl wrap has various excellent characteristics. It is UV-proof, dirt- and oil-repellant, and scratch-resistant. The air discharging technology allows an easy and quick installation and helps to prevent the bubble effect. Amateurs, however, should be more careful and get some advice from our skilled staff in Chicago, IL. We are ready to offer you many useful tips at your earliest convenience.

Consider the orange 3D vinyl wrap if you want to create unique skins and decals for your vehicle’s general image. Our experienced designers are ready to assist you with working out your own stylish design 24/7. We offer a fast and affordable way to enhance your car’s appearance, as well as to hide small defects in your paintwork. The orange carbon fiber vinyl wrap for your car is available in various sizes, so you can practically get any amount of the wrap you need. In addition, the wrap is easily taken down and can be re-used several times. Your original paint will not influenced by the adhesives, even after many years. The outdoor warranty period ranges from 3 to 7 years.

Note: Installations must be performed in a dust-proof and tightly closed area with no droughts. The surfaces are to be washed with cleaning agents and treated with degreasing substances. The temperature inside the installation room should range between +16C and +32C. In some cases, however, the minimum temperature may be lower. For this reason, read and follow the instructions, otherwise feel free to contact our 24/7 assistance line in Chicago, IL. If you want an additional glossy effect, further lamination is available. We offer a pressure-activated vinyl wrapping which is easily installed with the help of a heat gun.

Whenever you want to personalize your car or simply bring some inspiration and changes into your daily routines, the orange carbon fiber vinyl wrap is a fast way to reach your goal. Its three-dimensional texture looks almost the same as natural carbon. It naturally sits on any part of your vehicle, both inside and outside, while its natural orange color adds an unforgettable impression to its appearance.

This film is also one of the most wind-proof types. Tests, taken at speeds of more than 200 miles per hour, showed no stretching, peeling or wreckage from the extreme surroundings. This enables the carbon fiber vinyl wrap to be used for race cars and sport vehicles with little risk of spoiling the coating.

We offer high quality eye-catching orange carbon fiber vinyl wraps for your car which will enhance the exterior of your car and provide it with a unique style. Its outstanding durability provides you with multiple opportunities to re-use it with no damage done to your vehicle’s original paint. Additionally, you protect your car from small accidental damages, thus saving on repair costs. With us, you’ll get a perfect product together with professional advice and instructions. Get all the details on orange carbon fiber vinyl wraps from our Chicago, IL office.


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