A wrap film is a thin layer of material added over a vehicle in order to change the color, improve the appearance and also protect the original paint. Both the interior and the exterior can be wrapped, and you can choose to do the full car or just certain parts. The pink wrap is very popular among chic and eccentric female car enthusiasts and also those passionate about the 60-70s style. So keep on reading to learn more and get yours applied by an expert.

Why choose a pink vinyl wrap?

The pink color is definitely not included in most car manufacturers’ offer of factory paint. So if you are really like it, then you would have to repaint your car or to wrap it. 

The painting process is more complex and expensive, and also can’t be undone. So wrapping is the more practical solution, as it can easily be applied in a few hours, but also removed whenever you want to return to the original paint.

The pink color is a sign of femininity and is the favorite color of many women all over the world. But it is also a symbol of affection, tenderness, youth, good health, and playfulness. 

Wrapping also protects the car

But wrapping films are not all just about design and eye-catching colors, they also come with protection benefits. The wrap will protect the vehicle against scratches and damage caused by road debris. These can occur quite often and be expensive to fix, especially for luxurious cars.

The wrapping film also offers good protection against UV rays and fading, as well as corrosion. This way you can maintain the original paint in great shape, thus preserving the resale value of your car.

The benefits of pink wrapping

  • A unique and eye-catching look
  • Protection against scratches
  • Protection against road debris
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Protection against fading caused by UV rays
  • Cheaper than repainting
  • Doesn’t affect the original paint
  • Easy to apply and to remove

Pink Wrap Application Chicago

If you want to get your vehicle wrapped in pink (or just about any other color), feel free to come to our

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long does a pink vinyl wrap last?

All of the Tinting Chicago films have a warranty of 2 years, so you can rest assured that nothing will happen to them in this time, and if it does, we will replace them. But depending on how well it is taken care of, a quality film that was applied properly can last for 5 years or even more.

Which are the best pink vinyl wraps?

Based on the experience of our technicians and the feedback of our clients, we have concluded that two of the best brands in the world are 3M and Avery. So we are only using them in our shops now, and they are available in multiple types and colors.

Are pink vinyl wraps easy to install?

They are if you have the right knowledge and experience, and the needed temperature and tools. You need to be very careful and patient in order to apply the film perfectly without any bubbles or wrinkles, so that’s why it is best to get the help of a specialist. Tinting Chicago is here to help you with any wrapping or tinting requests. You can find us at 3621 N Harlem Ave and 2720 W Grand Ave, or call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.


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