Red Car Window Tinting

Red Window Film — An Eccentric Look, an Effective Privacy Protection

Have you ever seen the world through red sunglasses? That’s exactly the view through the red window tint. Apparently, this design solution would not suit anyone — it is an extraordinary choice. But if you choose red decorative window film for your home — Tinting Chicago helps to install the best red tint without any troubles. Call right now to get professional advice and free estimation. But if you want to know more — read the information about red window films below.

Window in red — unusual but still very functional

Someone may consider a red color to be creepy or annoying, but we would say that red is the color of wealth and passion. For example, it looks very appropriate and chic in a bachelor apartment or home office with gray or black walls. Red window films look amazing on the house exterior. Sometimes red tint is used to create a stained glass effect along with other bright colors.

You can choose a red window tint film with a suitable degree of VLT (visual light transmission) from almost transparent to the lowest level, which makes it impossible to look into your home from outside.

If you have chosen a red window film, be aware that its unusual appearance does not negate the functionality inherent in all high-quality privacy window films. The colored film creates a unique atmosphere inside your house and enhances daytime privacy. It has anti UV and heat control characteristics, protects your interior and home decor from infrared radiation. Also, the film keeps the broken glass in place in the frame rather than it being shattered into pieces.

If you have doubts about serious relationships with red windows, don’t worry, you can treat this act as an experiment. Window decals are easily removable, so you can call the tinting service to change them.

Brands of red window films

Tinting Chicago service offers the best window tinting brands Suntek, 3M, and SOLYX. All three brands offer red window films with a solid warranty for licensed installation. Tinting Chicago has worked with their products for about 12 years, we trust the quality of Suntek, 3M, and SOLYX and recommend these brands for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does red window tinting last?

Recommended by Tinting Chicago brands (Suntek, 3M, and SOLYX ) provide a lifetime warranty for most residential window films. These films are super durable, UV, temperature resistant. Red window films would have a 5-7-10-year warranty depending on the brand.

How much red window tinting is?

At Tinting Chicago the average price for the decorative red window films starts from $7 per sq. ft. The final price depends on the shape and size of the windows, but you can get a free on-site estimate right now.

How to install red window film to my window?

It is better to contact a professional installation service. Experienced specialists will be able to do the job efficiently without bubbles and other imperfections. Moreover, they provide a lifetime guarantee for the films. Call Tinting Chicago, our phone numbers are 773-455-0467 and 312-212-0493.


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