A wrapping film is a thin layer of vinyl that is added over the paint in order to change the appearance, but also to protect the vehicle. A roadster is already a good-looking car that stands out, but with the help of vinyl wrapping, you can customize it and make it more unique and personal.

Why should you wrap your roadster?

The first and most obvious reason is the visual impact. A wrapped car definitely stands out in traffic and can be really loved and appreciated by people at tuning shows. Whether you have a  Mazda MX-5, a Porsche Boxster, a Mercedes-Benz SL, a Honda S2000, a Ferrari 812 GTS, a BMW Z3, an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider, or any other popular roadster, you can make it much more interesting with wrapping. 

Wrapping can also be used for advertising purposes, and it’s a good way to promote your brand. The fact that it can be easily applied or removed, means that you can add a new wrap whenever your company has a new special promotion.

And last but definitely not least, a wrapping film protects the original paint against scratches, road debris damage, corrosion, or fading caused by the UV rays of the sun. So with wrapping not only do you make your ride look more interesting, but you also protect your investment in the long term.

Roadster Wrap Benefits

Here is what you can expect to get after wrapping your roadster:

  • Improved looks and uniqueness
  • Unlimited design options for colors, graphics, and texture
  • Good for advertising purposes
  • Protection against scratches and light damage
  • Protection against corrosion and fading
  • Doesn’t affect the car warranty or insurance
  • Maintains the resale value of the vehicle

Roadster Wrap Application in Chicago

In our shops, we are only using high-quality materials from top brands like 3M and Avery. These are designed to adhere perfectly to every contour of the vehicle, in order to ensure a great appearance and high protection. We can provide a wide variety of colors and finishes, and we can do full roadster wraps, partial roadster wraps, decals, or advertising wraps.

So whether you own a Tesla Roadster or any kind of car in this category, feel free to come over for a free estimate. Whether you want a solid color, a logo, or a more complex pattern, we can make it happen. You can find us at 3621 N Harlem Ave and 2720 W Grand Ave, or call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.

Frequently Asked Questions

What part of the roadster can I wrap?

Whether we are talking about the hood, the trims, the roof, or any other part of the exterior, they can all be wrapped. You can choose to only do certain parts or the entire vehicle. The interior can also be wrapped, but not fully. This depends on each particular model, so tell us your ideas and we’ll see if we can make them happen.

What wrapping finishes are available for a roadster?

We have multiple textures to choose from, such as Gloss, Matte, Matte chrome, Metallic, Pearl, Satin, and Chrome. Our designers can also customize the graphics according to your desires.

How much does roadster wrapping cost?

The price obviously depends on the size of the surface you want to cover. For example, wrapping the hood is $250, the roof is $280, the trim $230, the headlights $140, the mirror caps $199 and the full car would be $3,200.


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