Silver window film

Install Silver Window Film: Beautify & Protect Your Home!

Silver window film is a beautiful addition to your home windows, doors and any other glass surfaces. Besides the unique gl​​​ering design, it provides a substantial level of protection from the dangerous UV rays, reduces heat and glare. But also, thanks to its mirror-like effect, it creates privacy and so much needed comfort for your home. At the same time, the window film doesn’t block natural light and won’t interfere with the view.

Here at Tinting Chicago we offer a wide range of decorative window films from the top manufacturers. If silver is your choice, do not hesitate to contact us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 and check out your film installation options. We also offer a free on-site estimate.

6 reasons to install a reflective silver window tint

  1. Stylish home improvement: easy to install wherever needed 
  2. Gives a substantial level of daytime privacy, no attention from the outside
  3. Up to 78% of solar heat rejection
  4. Up to 99% of UV radiation blockage
  5. Reduced energy bills (less use of AC and heating systems)
  6. Increased safety: if the window is broken, the film keeps it from shattering

Professional tips

Silver window films that Tinting Chicago offers to its clients have different levels of VLT (visible light transmittance). Here are a few examples of our best-selling products:

Suntek SilverDS™ Series (reflective window film)

Product of the Suntek SilverDS™ Series % VLT % UV 


% Total



% Glare





Heat Gain


SDS 35 26 99 48 71 0.32 0.28
SDS 20 15 99 58 83 0.22 0.19
SXT 50 54 99 25 40 0.60 0.52
SXT 35 28  >99 53 69 0.33 0.29
SXT 20 15 >99 66 83 0.22 0.19

Where to install silver window film?

By installing a silver window tint, you can customize the design of different spaces inside and outside your house:

  • Interior and exterior doors
  • Front door
  • Windows in any of the rooms
  • Glass walls in any of the rooms
  • Bathroom screens
  • Balcony railings
  • Patio windows and walls
  • Attic windows
  • Greenhouse
  • Home SPA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove the silver glass tint if I change my mind?

Yes! You can easily remove the silver window film, and your windows will return to their original condition. After being removed, the tint does not damage the windows and doesn't leave marks... But it is recommended that all the application and the removal jobs are performed by the professionals. Only in this case the manufacturers’ warranties can be retained — and you can get a perfectly clean glass.

How to choose the brand of a silver reflective window tint?

Easy! Trust this job to the professionals. Here at Tinting Chicago, we offer our clients the best window films from three brands: 3M, SOLYX, Suntek. 3M is the most expensive choice, SOLYX belongs to a mid-price range, and Suntek is the most affordable — and best-selling among our clients (Silver DS™ Series).

How to install silver window film?

Window film installation requires special equipment so that the film is applied evenly, without air bubbles and wrinkles. That’s why this job must be done by professionals. Give us a call at Tinting Chicago at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493, and book your silver glass window film installation. We offer a 10-year warranty and affordable prices.


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