Spray On Paint Protection

Spray On Paint Protection

All cars are exposed to minor surface damages caused by stone chips, insect acids, UV rays, and other unhealthy impacts. Providing protection to painted surfaces against road debris and other damaging factors has become one of the main challenges for the automobile industry. The modern paint technologies have recently developed a series of self-healing paints. Some Nissan and Infinity models are already painted with those types of paints. However, they cannot provide 100% protection yet.

Keeping your car in showroom condition is not an easy task. Yet, it is quite important to retain your resale value. It’s not a secret that a few visible scratches can be real deal-breakers, cutting down up to 15 percent of the vehicle’s value. It’s really frustrating on a $15,000 conventional sedan, but it’s a total disaster on $150,000 supercar.

Until recently, one of the most popular ways of car surface protection from scratches among Chicago drivers was the application of clear films. This is an effective treatment providing high performance and good quality. However, clear films are sometimes quite difficult to install, especially on exotic cars. Even though most of them are DIY, it is usually extremely difficult for one person to cope with this task. Additionally, the film installation implies long preparation process, including washing, drying, degreasing, etc.

The spray on paint protection films for cars is an absolutely new solution to the stone chip problem. Its application is far from being complicated. Finally, car surface protection has become a one-man job! We offer application kits consisting of a paint protection spray can, a pre-wax, a clear tarp to protect the rest of your car, and masking tape providing a smooth application line.

The application is really easy. First of all, you need to install the masking tape and protect the rest of the car with the clear tarp. Once the area you want to treat with the spray is ready, wax it with a pre-wax and slowly apply the spray on protection in three crosshatched layers. This should be done over one spray session. In 30 minutes, the spray dries up and turns into an invisible protection perfectly matching the OEM clear coats. You can notice the film only due to the mask line unless you’ve sprayed the whole surface.

Once the spray dries out, you receive a minimum one-year protection against most road debris and harmful factors. It is removable and safe for clear coats. The spray on paint protection films offers Chicago buyers a fast and cheap real DIY solution. While wrapping your car with an invisible film will cost you a fortune, the spray is comparatively much cheaper as well as faster to install.

The spray on paint protection films are the result of science and innovation. They were first designed as a temporary protection for new cars transported from the factory to the dealer. It took scientists almost a year to test up to 250 formulas before finding the winning one which was clear enough to meet OEM standards as well as could provide a smooth finish and excellent durability.

Nowadays, the spray is possibly the easiest and the fastest way of providing paint protection to your vehicle. It’s done within three simple steps: masking, waxing, and spraying. Its biggest disadvantage is that the spray has to be renewed quite often, especially when compared to traditional clear films. However, its price levels out the situation. While an average clear film price for one square meter for may cost around $60.00, the price for a spray on paint system starts from $40.00 and can treat a surface larger than one square meter. In addition, you do not pay for leftovers, as compared to clear film. Another advantage is that you can always decide where the layer has to be thicker in order to provide extra protection.

We supply the best spray paint protection films for cars in Chicago, IL by offering only the top brands and quality producers available in the modern market. Feel free to contact us for more details as well as professional installation tips. If you are looking for fast and reasonably priced protection for your car, try applying our spray products to see the unbelievable result!


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