Vinyl Car Graphics Installation

Whenever you wish to bring changes to your conventional routines, the custom vinyl car graphics installation service we offer for citizens of Chicago is always a quick and cost efficient solution. With our vinyl wraps your car will get an excellent design and a perfect finish. The vinyl wrap is probably one of the most popular ways of customizing your vehicle. Many of our customers find it quite provocative and full of life. It is an extremely exciting and striking experience, they comment.

Check out our luxurious vinyl wraps, which will make your ride look exceptional and unique. We have the perfect combinations for vehicles of any type or size. Your car has never been this attractive before. You can add an exceptional dynamic look to your car with our vinyl wraps that we sell in Chicago. The multiple effects offer a wide range of appearances. The film is easily applied to any body part of your car, providing it with the perfect finish.

We offer innovative and extremely durable vinyl car graphics. Their application requires no water, which means they can be easily repositioned or removed due to their pressure-activated technology. Another modern feature is the use of micro air channels with centerpoint technology, allowing the removal of air bubbles faster. The centerpoints create a temporary limited contact between the adhesive and the surface which allow easy installation. However, after application the small centerpoint beads leak, providing full contact between the film and the car surface. You ultimately get an exotic finish with these durable dual cast vinyl wraps. And if you decide to change your style or simply go back to your original paint, the removal won’t take long and won’t spoil your paint.

How Long Will My Vinyl Signs Last?

Normally, our custom vinyl car graphics are designed for both indoor and outdoor uses. Due to the durability of PVC, the basic material used for creating car wraps; it is able to withstand a wide range of temperatures and tough weather conditions. Most of the modern vinyl graphics for cars we offer for clients in Chicago, IL, are equipped with a UV-reflection layer which filters out sun radiation and prevents the film’s colors from fading.

As a rule, the outdoor warranty ranges from 3 to 12 years of use. A lot, of course, depends on how you treat the wrappings. Despite the fact that most of the vinyl films demand little treatment, there still are some useful tips on maintaining your wrap in order to provide maximum durability and longevity. Here are some of them:

  • Keep it clean whenever you can.
    As soon as you get a chance, it is better to get rid of even small amounts of dust and dirt with a microfiber.
  • Wash it at least once a week.
    We recommend hand washing using mild detergents. Be sure to remove the water with a microfiber and/or a squeegee.
  • Always put a new cleaner to a test.
    Whenever you switch to another cleaning agent, first test it on a small part of the wrapping to be on the safe side. If no signs of damage show, you can then use it for larger areas.
  • Avoid using high-pressure air blowers.
    It is always better to dry out the surface with a microfiber than expose it to powerful air blowers.
  • Remove active substances as quick as possible.
    Do not let oil stains or other active agents stay long on your wrapping.
  • Avoid automatic car washes.
    As a rule, automatic car washes deploy bristles and high pressure water sprinkles which will ruin your wrapping.

Following installation instructions is absolutely required during application process. Initially, you must provide the appropriate temperature conditions. The area where you perform a vinyl car graphics installation requires a minimum temperature of +16C. However, in some cases it’s possible to perform the application at lower temperatures. Be sure to refer to the manual for this reason. Providing air-tight and dust-free conditions is vital as well.

Most unsuccessful installations are caused by minor dust particles coming in-between the original paint and the film. They block full contact of the graphics with the surface resulting in a small amount of air left under the film. Later, small holes will form, allowing water and dirt to go under. The surface has to be thoroughly washed with a mild cleaning agent containing no ammonia, which can work as a dissolvent. For extremely curved areas we recommend to use a special primer. Check the instructions for more details; otherwise you are always welcome to contact us for useful tips.

Ask for more details at our custom Chicago vinyl car graphic installation service. We’ll provide you with all sorts of support, including useful tips and technical assistance. If you’re not sure about any aspect of using our vinyl car wraps, feel free to contact our professional team. Otherwise, read and follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual carefully.

Color changing vinyl wraps were designed to alter your ride’s color. You can change the color entirely or you can add extra accents to some parts of it. We carry plenty of colors and effects for transforming your vehicle’s appearance, including chrome, carbon fiber, brushed metal, satin and matte. We also provide variable textures, such as natural skin or real wood.

It doesn’t take much time to install the vinyl graphics. Nowadays, due to modern technologies it has become extremely fast. Some of the fastest installations in the world were done in less than an hour. Of course, such stunning results were achieved due to a non-conventional amount of people. The main aim was probably not just to do it as fast as possible, but to show that wrapping can be really fast, especially when compared to traditional painting jobs. The average time of wrapping a conventional sedan entirely at our custom vinyl car graphics installation service in Chicago, IL, takes about 24 hours.

Apart from being nice and fancy, the vinyl car graphics provide an excellent protection for your vehicle, preserving its surfaces from fading and corrosion as well as retaining its resale value. After the car is treated and protected with a vinyl wrap, you’ll feel less concerned about any minor accidental damage. You don’t have to worry about corrosion anymore, as your car’s metal will be safely hidden behind a 3.5mil. multi-layer protection. The original colors of your ride will stay bright and shiny as if they have just been applied, even after years of car use. They won’t fade, as the UV protection layer of the vinyl film does its job perfectly.

If you want your ride to have an eye-catching appearance, as well as durable and cost efficient protection for its body parts, be sure to visit us at our custom vinyl car graphics installation service in Chicago.


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