Vinyl Wraps For Race Cars

Race Car Wrap Kits

Car races have always attracted the attention of the public. Crowds of people go to speedways to see shows involving exciting rides driving at super speeds. But would the show be as bright and captivating if all the vehicles were just conventional colors? Probably not. Every team tries to customize its race cars and provide them with individual styles and eye-catching looks. Fortunately, the modern market is abound in vinyl wraps which can face this challenge. Race car graphics have become an integral part of car racing events. You can hardly imagine a formula-1 racing car painted in a single color with no stickers, advertisings, or graphic patterns. It’s simply impossible.

We offer a wide range of vinyl wraps for race cars for Chicago, IL customers. With our help you’ll have the chance to provide an excellent individual style to your ride and make it look unique and appealing. Our skilled design team has produced numbers of graphic kits you can choose from. Moreover, it is also possible to create a totally new skin for your race car. We specialize in car graphics for all types of sport vehicles.

It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional racer, we can always come up with a proper solution for you and your vehicle. We can provide full or partial wrapping to any surface of your car with perfect precision and top quality. The materials we offer come from the world’s top manufacturers, ensuring the highest performance and premium standards. Our race car portfolio will serve as a proof of our proficiency and long experience in installing race car vinyl wraps. You are welcome to check up on it at our Chicago, IL – based office at your earliest convenience. You can trust your vehicle’s appearance to our professional design team.

Additionally, if you wrap cars with vinyl you get the perfect protection for your ride’s surfaces against road debris. Once treated with the film, your car’s original paintwork becomes dirt-repellant and scratch-proof, while the unique UV reflecting technology reduces interior and exterior color fading. This is especially valuable, as a racing car is more often exposed to such impacts than any other conventional ride.

Whenever you’ve switched to another style, changed the racing team, or simply found a new sponsor, the wraps we offer for Chicago, IL customers will help to alter the details of your ride. With the help of our designing experience, we can provide useful tips for your vehicle’s graphics. Additionally, our group of experts will supply racing guidance and explain the dos and don’ts of every particular competition. So, you can always be sure you won’t be disqualified because of using the wrong wrapping materials.

Due to the use of modern innovative technologies, the vinyl wraps for race cars we offer are easily installed and taken down. The self-adhesive wrappings can be freely re-positioned, which makes their application fast and flexible. Most of our wrappings are DIY, so you can always change your style or add to it yourself. The films are easily stretched and it doesn’t take much to go around the most curved details, even for a non-professional. You can be absolutely sure of a successful installation, as long as you follow the instructions strictly. However, we recommend amateurs to contact our maintenance line in Chicago, IL for useful tips and assistance. The average outdoor warranty ranges from 3 to 7 years, depending on the type of the race car wrap. However, the warranty may be voided if the wrapping was not professionally installed. That’s why we offer professional installation services for Chicago, IL customers along with vinyl wraps for race cars.


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