Xzilon Paint Protection Film

Xzilon paint protection stands out among other brands that offer similar films due to the exceptional quality and versatility of the products offered by the company. You can find a wide selection of them in our shop, and our technicians are qualified to install them. Therefore, employing their services to perform this job will ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty remains valid.

Xzilon is a brand that has been steadily gaining popularity over the last few years. It was originally developed to produce films for the aviation industry. Therefore, it’s really no wonder that high performance and exceptional durability are telltale qualities of Xzilon films.

Nowadays, the company produces a wide range of appearance protection products for automobiles, aviation, swimming pools, granite countertops, and even eyeglasses. The formulas of Xzilon films are unique, which means that no other form of paint protection can compare to them.

Benefits of Xzilon Paint Protection

Xzilon films can protect the paintwork of your vehicle from a great variety of “enemies”, including:

  • UV rays.
    Preventing the damage from sun radiation is one of the most important reasons that explain why installing this kind of film is a worthy investment. Ultraviolet rays will make the paint fade and crack, making it more vulnerable to the damage from debris and stray stones.
  • Acid rain.
    Unfortunately, environmental pollution corrupted the atmosphere to the point where rains turned into a real hazard. No rainfall today is completely clean, so it will definitely affect your paintwork to some extent. The damage may not be visible at first, but it will accumulate eventually. Installing Xzilon paint protection will prevent this and ensure that there are no spots on your precious vehicle when it dries.
  • Bird and insect droppings.
    Simple things like this can corrode car paint really fast. Xzilon film will not only protect your vehicle from this damage. It will also make cleaning the nastiness much easier. You’ll only need a soft piece of cloth and a little bit of water to remove the dropping, and the film will sparkle like new.
  • Tree sap.
    This is another dangerous enemy that affects the chemicals in the paint. If your vehicle isn’t protected by some specialized film, the chances of removing a blob of sap without a trace are minimal.
  • Loss of gloss.
    Cars look their best when they are clean and shiny. However, no matter how often you polish your vehicle, the paintwork will lose its attractive shine in a few months. Installing Xzilon paint protection film will preserve the brand new look for many years.
    The best thing in this case is the fact that you won’t even need to polish and wax. The film is shiny by default, and it retains the natural appearance of the vehicle. Therefore, washing off dust and dirt will make your car look the same way as the day you bought it.

Xzilon paint protection films are renowned for their quality and durability. Countless reviews from satisfied customers prove that you will not be disappointed by these products. However, don’t forget that protective film will perform its best only when it’s installed perfectly. If you get the film installed in our shop, you can be sure that perfection and top-quality customer service are exactly what you get.


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