Wrap Pick-ups, Trucks, and Vans Fast: Smart Promotion for Businesses

If you haven’t yet installed a vinyl wrap on your company vehicles then you’re missing a promotional trick. A wrap is a graphically printable vinyl film that is adhered to the exterior of any vehicle to upgrade its look or promote a business. Well-designed truck wraps help vehicles stand out on the road and attract the attention of potential customers.

Whether you have a personal vehicle or a company vehicle, a small business, or a large business, pickup truck graphics elevate the appearance and purpose of your truck. For maximum impact, install a full wrap that covers every surface of your exterior paintwork. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly, classic-looking option, check out designs for partial wraps.

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Why vinyl wrap commercial vehicles?

  • Promote a business
  • Change the color
  • Give your vehicle personality
  • Give all vehicles a uniform look
  • Add a personal touch
  • Cover up damaged paintwork
  • Protect paintwork from further damage

What kind of pickups, trucks, and vans can be wrapped?

Vehicle wraps can be installed onto any model or brand of commercial vehicle. Whether you own a Dodge Ram, a GMC Sierra, a Nissan Frontier, or a Toyota Tacoma, a quality vinyl wrap can adhere to the whole of the exterior, or just the most prominent smooth, flat surfaces. No model of truck or van won’t be enhanced with a vehicle wrap.

Cost of wrapping commercial vehicles

The cost of a wrap for a pickup, truck, or van varies between $2,500 and $5,000. An accurate quote for the installation of a wrap can be given once the following is determined:

  • Size of vehicle
  • Full or partial wrap
  • Brand of vinyl
  • Intricacy of design

Wording to include on wrapped vehicles

At Tinting Chicago, we advise keeping the wording on a vinyl wrap to a minimum. Use graphics to get your message across, rather than wordy sentences. Truck lettering is often only viewed for a few seconds before the vehicle passes by.  The most critical wording to include on a wrap is:

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Website address
  • Phone number
  • Social media handles
  • Tagline

Where to get a custom-designed wrap for a commercial vehicle?

The talented in-house graphic design team at Tinting Chicago has worked with customers for years to jointly find the perfect solution to their vinyl wrap graphics. Their fantastic services enable customers to simply supply their logo and a short brief, the creative side of the process is left to them. If you are looking for a professional-looking decal or wrap, contact our team today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do wraps commercial vehicles last?

Generally, wraps on trucks and vans last between 5 and 7 years. In this time, you can expect your wrap to retain its color and finish. After this time, you will likely start to see signs of damage, such as fading, peeling, and even cracking. Then you know it's time to replace your wrap.

Can I wrap the tailgate of my pickup truck?

Yes, it makes complete sense to wrap the tailgate of your pickup truck, especially if you're promoting a business. When you are stuck in traffic or waiting for a light to turn green, a call to action on your tailgate is visible to anybody queuing behind you.

Will a vinyl wrap damage the paintwork on my truck or van?

No, conversely a vinyl wrap will protect the paintwork on your truck or van. Vinyl wrap may only be a thin protective layer, but it's enough to prevent some serious scratches and scrapes to the paintwork of a vehicle.


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