Blue Car Window Tint

Installing high-quality blue car window tint will allow you to protect yourself, your passengers, and your car from the damaging effects of UV radiation. This will also make your beloved vehicle look very attractive, especially if the car itself is some shade of blue. However, we can offer some tints that will look very good even with different color vehicles.

Why should you choose blue car window tint?

There are quite a few benefits offered by this particular type of auto tinting that make it win over some other popular kinds of film. The most notable of them are:

  • It’s not as dark as black window tint but no less effective.
    Many people don’t like it when the insides of their car get too dark, which is unavoidable when you install black tint. Blue film, however, doesn’t have this disadvantage. Unless, you choose a really dark shade. Instead of darkening the inside of the vehicle, it will “neutralize” yellowish sunlight. This effect is very soothing on the eyes of all passengers.
  • It guarantees optical clarity and a high level of protection.
    The premium-quality blue car window tints we can install in our shop will actually increase the level of clarity, thereby reducing the risk of an accident. The fact that the film is clear and doesn’t impede your vision in any way is complemented by the high degree of UV and heat protection even the lightest of films provide.
  • You can install it on your windshield.
    Tinting a windshield is illegal in the vast majority of states. However, some blue car tints are so clear and light, like LLumar for example, that you can install them on the windshield without fear of being fined.

To get all the benefits that a good blue car window tint can offer you will need to have it installed by professionals. Our experienced technicians are qualified to work with any kind of film and vehicle, so you will definitely get your manufacturer’s warranty and an additional one from us for the work.

* This service by a special request only, please call us for details.

** Limited 1 year warranty.


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