Get an Eye-Catching Food Truck Wrap, Attract Customers & Increase Sales

Food truck vinyl wraps are high-quality custom-designed films that are attached to the bodywork of trucks and vans to help promote the business or product being sold. Over the last few years, the food truck industry has grown immeasurably, making it increasingly important for food truck owners to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Many food truck businesses are turning to the bright colors and striking graphics of vehicle wraps to help turn their unremarkable vans into trendy hangouts that attract the hungry lunch crowd! In fact, these days if you don’t have a great food truck wrap design, you’re in danger of losing potential customers.

If your food van is old and a little tired-looking? Increase its visual appeal with a cleverly designed wrap. Partial or full wraps help cover up rust, dints, or scratched paintwork for the fraction of the cost of a new paint job.

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6 benefits of installing wrapping your food truck

  1. Greater brand visibility
  2. More memorable for customers
  3. Graphically reflect your business ethos
  4. Protect paintwork leading to a higher resale value
  5. Quick to apply, even quicker to remove
  6. Affordable effective advertising

What makes a good wrap design for your food truck?

The best vinyl wraps on food trucks are original, creative, and highly memorable. Above all, design elements should speak to your target audience and catch the attention of people passing by. Although it is possible to only install a partial wrap, most food trucks opt to maximize their promotional space and install a full wrap. With a full wrap, you’ll achieve brand visibility from all sides, as well as a balanced design.

Inhouse designers at Tinting Chicago

Not sure where to start with your food truck wrap graphics? Not a problem. Let the experienced in-house designers at Tinting Chicago come up with some great design options for you. They’re experts at designing vinyl vehicle wraps and will help create the perfect decal to promote your food truck business.

Timeframe for wrapping your food truck

We understand that your food truck is your source of income so at Tinting Chicago we make the professional installation process as speedy as possible. Once your food truck wrap design has been finalized we can install a full wrap within a matter of hours. Vinyl vehicle wrapping is significantly cheaper and quicker than spray painting your truck.

Is food truck wrapping effective advertising?

The graphics on your food truck wrap are essentially a 24-hour mobile billboard. Wherever your van goes you are constantly advertising your brand and product. Although wrapping your food truck in vinyl is a hefty upfront investment, the highest quality vinyl wraps last up to 7 years making it a very reasonable long-term marketing expenditure.

What copy to include on a food truck vinyl wrap?

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Brand colors
  • Website
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Social media handles

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the vinyl wrap on my food truck fade?

Quality vinyl vehicle wraps will not fade in the sun even after a number of years. High-tech UV-repellent is incorporated into vinyl wraps to prevent the discoloration process.

How much does it cost to wrap a food truck?

A high-quality food truck wrap will cost between $2,500 and $5,000. For the budget sensitive, partial wraps are a more affordable option, with less vinyl wrap used but graphics still prominently displayed on the most visible parts of the vehicle.

Does vinyl wrap damage paintwork on a food truck?

No, a vinyl wrap will not damage the paintwork on a food truck. Instead, it will protect the paintwork from chips, scrapes, and scratches helping your truck hold its resale value.


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