Get Front Car Window Graphics that are Legal From Tinting Chicago

Custom car window decals are durable, self-adhesive stickers that are applied to vehicle windows to personalize them or help promote a brand. There are however many legal regulations around the size and placement of vinyl lettering on vehicle windows that need to be adhered to if you wish to avoid large fines.

Many states, including Illinois, forbid front car window graphics that obstruct or reduce a driver’s view of the road. At Tinting Chicago, we are across these restrictions and only install window stickers that legally comply with state laws.

Want to learn more about installing window decals on your vehicle? Contact Tinting Chicago at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.

Benefits of installing car window decals

  • Improve visibility of your brand
  • Personalize your vehicle
  • Reach a wide and unrestricted audience
  • Affordable
  • Raise awareness for short term promotions
  • Removed with no lasting damage to the vehicle

Where to install a car window decal

  • Front windshield
  • Back windshield
  • Side windows

Regulations around car window decals

The State of Illinois does not specifically prohibit window stickers, however, it has strict guidelines around their application. Stickers that ‘materially obstruct a driver’s view’ are forbidden, however, there is no detailed description of exactly what this means, therefore it’s open to interpretation by different individuals.

We recommend engaging a professional installer from a reputable garage to install your window decal. If you choose to install it yourself, then bear the following rules in mind:

  • Must be small and placed in window corners, ideally on the passenger’s side
  • Can install a strip or sticker on top of your front windshield that’s no longer than 6 inches
  • Stickers that are not legal requirements are potentially illegal on front and back windshields and front and backside windows

Caring for car window decals

  • Hand wash graphics regularly with a soft micro-fiber cloth and mild detergent
  • Wipe away grease or dirt immediately
  • Park out of the harsh sun whenever possible

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do car window decals last?

When installed correctly, high-quality custom car window decals last up to 7 years. Although they require no maintenance as such, it is important that they are hand washed only and dirt and grime are removed as quickly as possible.

Are front car window graphics legal?

A vinyl graphic on windshields and side windows of cars are only legal if they don't 'materially obstruct the driver's view'. To comply, they generally need to be small and placed in corners or a narrow strip at the top of the front or back windshield.

Do car window decals fade in the sun?

No, window decals don't fade in the sun because they are UV resistant. This means that high-quality vinyl will last up to 7 years without losing its color.


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